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I recently discovered Eat Your Books, an online search engine for your cookbooks. I immediately bought a subscription and started using the site. I find the site really useful when I have something in the fridge I need to use up and I need a spot of inspiration. I type in the ingredient and Eat Your Books searches through all the cookbooks, magazines and blogs I have added to my online bookshelf. It then throws back a list of recipes, each one telling me which cookbook it came from and what the main ingredients are. Such a great time-saving website. I love it.

Since then, Eat Your Books have added Tinned Tomatoes as a blog you can add to your bookshelf (so remember to add me if you join) and as one of their authors, they upgraded my membership to a lifetime one and offered me a lifetime membership to one of my readers. I had a great response, 102 entries. Too many to write out and have Cooper pull a winner, so I turned to a random number generator and let it choose my winner.

And the winner of a lifetime membership for Eat Your Books is:

Congratulations Janet!


  1. Congratulations to the winner!!! I love Eat Your Books!

  2. Congratulations to Janet, and I still think this is a great site.

  3. It is Val, well worth the membership as far as I am concerned.

  4. I love how they are trying to incorporate blogs as well as cookbooks.. such a one-spot place for your recipes. I am thrilled to have won it! Thanks Jac! :)

  5. Congratulations to Janet...hope you are having a wonderful week Jacqueline :-)

  6. Great blog, only my dog ate the books.


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