Winners of Jamie's Great Britain

A big thank you to Penguin Books UK for kindly giving me two copies of Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Great Britain to give away. You can read my review of the cookbook here.

I turned to a random number generator for the winners. I counted down the list of entries several times to make sure I had counted to the correct person. I had to re-do the random number twice, because it hit my name (note to self: do not leave comments on giveaway post, even if someone says something really interesting!

The first winner the generator selected was number 16.

So congratulations goes out to Louise from Please Do Not Feed The Animals. Hope you like the book Louise.

The next winner is my good friend Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen. On the odd occasion a friend's name comes up in a giveaway draw, I feel slightly guilty as if I am doing something wrong, but I can assure you I am letting the generator do the picking. So, congratulations on your win Janice.


  1. Thanks Jac - that is so exciting.
    Hey Janice - fancy cooking something from it together?
    Lou. x

  2. I am glad you are pleased Louise. I am sure Janice will be up for that :)

  3. Congratulations to Lou. And to Janice, I want some of her lucky dip luck - yeph thats the way the cookie crumbles - lucky lady. But I can't moan too much, I just won an NCR Does Random Recipe Badge - how proud am i?!

  4. Maybe not quite as good a prize, but at least you get to boast about it Shaheen :)

  5. Shaheen you earned your prize! That's better than luck! :-)

  6. Goodness me, thanks so much Jac. This will be perfect for my foodie son's Christmas stocking, as I already have a copy!

  7. oh just read back after posting. Yes, will do. Might have to wait till between Christmas and New Year before I get around to it though.


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