Skinny Topcorn

This month Metcalfe's Skinny Topcorn is arriving on the shelves of Caffe Nero coffee shops across the UK. To celebrate this, those kind folks at Metclafe's sent me a rather large box full of popcorn to nibble on.

There are four flavours to sink your teeth into. Here is what the company says about each flavour and what I thought:

Wasabi - Popcorn with a twist. Our wasabi flavour adds a tangy, sweet, mustardy kick to our Topcorn. Mild but enjoyably confident.

Energy Values (kcal) per pack - 121
Fat (g) per pack - 6.5
- of which saturates (g) - 0.7

This was the flavour I liked the least. They weren't as strong in flavour and heat as I expected, but they still weren't for me. I think this is a niche flavour.

Sea Salt - Popcorn lightly tossed in natural Sea Salt; a timeless classic that is still as popular as ever.

Energy Values (kcal) per pack - 115
Fat (g) per pack - 6.5
- of which saturates (g) - 0.7

These were nothing exciting. Very pleasant and the quality of the popcorn does shine through. I would happily munch on these.

Sweet n' Salt - We didn’t want to make you choose between salt & sweet. These two taste bud tinglers have been mixed for maximum flavour, it might sound wrong but it tastes so right.

Energy Values (kcal) per pack - 123
Fat (g) per pack - 6.2
- of which saturates (g) - 0.4

Now things start to get interesting! These are so, so good. You are first teased with sugar and then in moves the salt. The sugar isn't teeth-achingly sweet, but just right as is the hint of salt. I am intrigued as to how they manage to keep the flavours separate like that, but the maybe that is just how the tongue experiences the two flavours. Answers on a postcard!

Chocolate Crackle - Thin strands of delicious chocolate crackle drizzled over our sublime skinny topcorn. Made possible by our hand built warm chocolate drizzling conveyor. We’ve got a new improved recipe that is extra delicious but with 65% less fat!

Energy Values (kcal) per pack - 212
Fat (g) per pack - 2.9
- of which saturates (g)- 0.4

I knew these would be my favourite as soon as I spotted the bag. What could be better than chocolate drizzled popcorn? I immediately warned off everyone, the chocolate crackle popcorn was mine!

You can also buy skinny topcorn online here or from these retailers.

Pop over to Little Tums so see my toddler Cooper in his first video post making his own snacks. Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats.


  1. I love Cafe Nero, I think they have the best coffee of all the chains. The popcorn looks interesting, there is a Cafe Nero opposite the station so I may nip in and get that salt and sweet stuff as I like the sound of that, a bit like salted caramel...oh oh oh there's an idea!

  2. Be careful, they are quite addictive Janice :)

  3. Oh, dear. Like I needed another excuse to have a coffee.

    Your vid of the wee man is so, so cute. The best cooks always get a good munch of the final product.

  4. i love popcorns


  5. It wouldn't have been too bad if he had waited until they were ready :)

  6. Ooooooh you're so luck! Popcorn has to be my most favourite snack EVER! I can get through loads when I am doing my exams.

    I'd had the sea salt before and really enjoyed it. I love that you really can taste how high quality the popcorn is!

    I don't usually go for sweet popcorn but think i may try the sweet and salty next!

    Great post x

  7. You will enjoy them Emma, they aren't overwhelmingly sweet like the ones you can usually buy in shops. The sweetness if fleeting :)

  8. Too bad I'n not in the U.K.
    But I will in march. Can't wait to taste those!

  9. Oh well spécialiste de l'éphémère , something to look forward to :)

  10. LUCKY you Jac! I love popcorn and if it is skinny, even better!

    PS: I am telling all my lovely friends who have me and my blog listed on their sidebars, that they need to change the url to now so you get all my latest posts and are up to date! Thanks! XXXX

  11. Sounds yummy - but we have a popcorn maker, so what I really need to do is learn to make nice flavourings for my homemade stuff :)

  12. They are :)

    Will do Karen, thanks for the reminder :)

    We have one too Rachel, but I can't always be bothered raking it out. BYW I have a good recipe for a caramel in my recipe index :)

  13. Sweet & Salt sounds so good to me! I guess it's something along the lines of salted caramels in that the contrast of the two is unusual and yet deliciously moreish.

    I must say I would like to try the Wasabi too, just out of curiosity.

    I'm definitely going to look out for these!

  14. I think I spotted these the other day and muttered out loud an oohh at the sound of the chcolate one! Glad it lived up to its promises, will have to now try some!

    Very intrigued though by the sweet n salt one, can imagine it working well..

  15. I prefer savoury to sweet popcorn so I have got quite excited about this!

  16. Fantastic! I first tried these about two hers ago at a private chef event with Thomasina Miers and loved them. I've struggled to find them since, although aren't they repackaged and sold in Pret?! My favourite flavour is the sweet and salt, with the chocolate a close second!

    Charlotte @gofreecakes

  17. Go back and get some Anne, make sure you get the chocolate one and the sweet and salt one :)

    Oh well, there are a couple there for you then CC. I wonder if you will prefer the wasabi or the salted.

    Hey Charlotte, yes, I do believe they do sell them to Pret. You can get them in a lot of other places too now. Check out the link in the post.


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