Winner of February NCR & a Copy of River Cottage Herbs Handbook

We had a really great round-up of soups and salads for February's No Croutons Required. The topic was fresh herbs and this coincided with the publication of a new handbook from River Cottage called Herbs (published 1 March 2012). So I teamed up with them and was able to offer a copy to my winner.

Rather than open the vote to everyone, I decided to ask River Cottage HQ if they could choose a winner.

River Cottage decided the winner of February's NCR is Karen from Lavender & Lovage who made us a Wild Garlic, Lemon & Lovage Soup.

Congratulations Karen. Your Herbs Handbook is winging it's way to you as well as your winner's badge.

Thanks to everyone who took part. Remember to head over to Lisa's Kitchen tomorrow to find out what the next challenge is.


  1. THANKS so much Jac and River Cottage HQ too for choosing my recipe as the winning one for this month's NCR! I am all in a dither with this prize, as I absolutely love herbs and grow so many of my own, so this book will come in handy......needless to say I am chuffed to bits!
    Thanks Jac for another fabulous month of NCR and as always the entries were just amazing!

  2. Your soup was a worthy winner Karen and I am so glad you are pleased. I hope you enjoy your Herbs Handbook once it arrives.

  3. A worthy winner indeed. That soup looks so warming and delicious, congratulations on your win!

  4. Replies
    1. It does, doesn't it Tandy. Karen always manages to come up with something a little different.

  5. Well done Karen, yours is the recipe I would have voted for!


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