Clandestine Cake Club Dundee #2

On Sunday we had our second Clandestine Cake Club in Dundee. My co-organiser Becca organised this month's meeting. It was held in the Milton Inn, just a few miles outside Dundee city centre, in Monifieth.

The Milton Inn is a lovely little inn standing in it's own grounds. It is a traditional inn serving cask ale, a selection of Scottish and Continental lagers, over 50 carefully selected malts, a list of 25 wines, all available by the glass and good home made Scottish food, created using locally sourced produce.

A big thanks to the owners Mark & Suzie Barton inviting us to use their premises and looking after us royally, which leads nicely on to our theme:


A Right Royal Cake-Up!

Fly the flag in red, white and blue.  Either include red, white and/or blue ingredients, or decorate your cake using red, white and blue themes – enjoy the Queen’s Jubilee with a slice of cake and new friends.

The Cakes

White Chocolate Cake with Raspberry and Cranberry Filling

by Catriona

A lovely cake with the most delicious filling. The butterflies on top of the cake that make it look so pretty were made by Catriona's little boy. Surely a pastry chef in the making!


Devil's Food Cake with Coconut & Berries 

 by little old me (not from a packet mix I hasten to add)  

There are actually three layers of cake, but it was so hot that the chocolate frosting started to ooze out and cover the bottom layer as we travelled to the inn.


Earl Grey Cake with Rhubarb Cream Cheese Glaze

by Deborah. 

Who was so worried about the presentation of her cake, but it was so moist and utterly delicious, especially with the tang of rhubarb in the frosting.


 Raspberry & Vanilla Cake

by Paula

Truly the lightest cake I have ever had the pleasure to eat. It was so light it just melted away in your mouth and the frosting between each layer was so, so tasty! A very professional looking cake, wouldn't you say?

Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Icing

by Becca

I have longed to decorate a cake like this, but I haven't been brave enough yet. Doesn't it look amazing. Inside the pretty wrapping is a tasty red velvet cake. Great job Becca!




.... and fun was had by all

Thanks to everyone who attended our second Clandestine Cake Club and helped to make it such a fun evening. I hope you are all looking forward to the next one.

The Milton Inn

Grange Road, 
Telephone: 01382 532620 

If you would like more inforamtion on the Clandestine Cake Club, if you would like to join a club or to start your own, check out the official page.


  1. Lovely cakes Jac. I've been really impressed with all the ones I've seen at CCCs, both on blogs and in reality. The flavours of your Dundee cakes sound especially good - mmmm!

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    2. Whoops, can't spell today. Thanks Choclette :)

  2. the cakes look fantastic and looks like you had a great time too x

    1. We did, it was great fun. Lots of lovely cake chat too :)

  3. Going from strength to strength! Lovely bakes and a great turn out of cake ladies.

    1. It was good. I did think there was going to be less of us as so many people couldn't make it, but it was a good number.

  4. I love this cake feast. I agree that we should eat a good cake during this long Jubilee weekend.

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  6. Fantastic feast - I have been thinking about doing a jubilee cake but am not sure if I will get around to it (if my other plans are anything to go by). But this sort of club sounds like fun and great inspiration. Love your oozing cake - Are the union jacks on it edible or were they taken off?

    1. Hi Johanna, you should see if there is a club in your area and if not start one. Your cakes are always amazing!

      Hehe, it was oozing by the time I got there. The decorations were sugar paste and could be eaten.

  7. God I love cake club! Looks like you had some bloody belters there! x

  8. How fun! I love this idea and what a charming location to hold it in!

    1. It was a really good venue Jenn. I hadn't been there before, but I will be going back again.

  9. Gorgeous cakes - love the two-tone rose swirl one

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