Cupcake Decorating Class - 3D Cakes

I recently went on another cupcake decorating class. My last class was at a bakery called The Scarlet Bakery in Dundee. This time I headed over to Edinburgh for the day to have some fun with Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen and my cousin Claire who blogs at A Kiss of Cookies. Our class was in 3D Cakes in the West End of Edinburgh.

Sue our tutor for the day started off by teaching us how to use sugarpaste. First we made butterflies and then gerberas. We then learned how to roll the sugar paste really thinly to make the finest of roses. It actually takes quite a bit of work to get it thin enough.

Sugarpaste Tips:
  • Warm the sugarpaste in your hands until pliable.
  • Dust your work surface with the smallest amount of icing sugar, you don't want to use much as it can dry out your sugarpaste.
  • Rotate the paste as you roll.
  • Work quickly.
  • For fine flowers, you want to roll your paste so thin that you can see newsprint through it.
  • One we had used our flower cutter, we then made the petals even thinner, by stretching them with our thumb and fore finger. You have to make sure to use the pad of your finger and not the tip. If you use the tip the petal will tear easily.
  • Use an apple tray (made of cardboard, you can ask for one at a supermarket) or a egg carton to shape your butterflies, flowers etc, while they dry.
  • The smallest amount of water will stick together different shapes. You are going more for damp than wet.
  • Sugarpaste hardens and fondant stays soft, so sugarpaste is better for really fine work.

We left our sugarpaste shapes to dry and harden and moved on to fondant. Sue gave us a masterclass in making chubby hearts, ribbon roses, ladybirds and parcels.

I have to say my favourite was the ladybirds. they were so cute with their little smiles. I was amazed to find out there was even a tool to make smiles.

The hearts were the simplest to accomplish, the parcels needed a bit of careful handling, but it was the roses I needed a bit of help with. Sue was at hand to give a one-to-one  demonstration and I was soon back on track. I hadn't been making my petals long enough.


Here are a few photos from the day:

Masterclass from Sue
Parcel making
Claire (A Kiss of Cookies)
Janice (Farmersgirl Kitchen)

Janice adding finishing touches.

Fondant Tips:

  • Sugarpaste dries and hardens, so it is good for delicate work. Fondant is more like playdoh. You can shape and mould it into an endless variety of shapes.
  • Use a brush dipped in a little water to stick fondant shapes together. Brush onto the back of your hand to take off excess water before applying to the fondant.
  • Use the right tools. It might seem obvious, but the results speak for themselves. Buy a basic set of tools and work from there.
  • Buys some moulds. You can get a huge variety of moulds online. They are a quick and easy way to  get professional results. Sue recommended an online shop called Squires.
  • Check out this step-by-step guide to making fondant animals.
  • Have fun!

Our final step was to dust and glitter our shapes. When you are dusting shapes, always use a very dry brush and dust off the excess powder before applying. To add glitter, dampen the area you want to add glitter to, with a damp brush, then dip in a bowl of glitter.

We gave our gerberas  a little dust of colour, layered them up and finished them off by rolling a little ball of black fondant and fixing it with a little water onto the centre of the flower. We then used the end of the paintbrush to dab little dots into the ball and then piped a few dots around the edges for an authentic finish.

Sue provided us with a box of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, then left us to pipe on buttercream and finished them off with our decorations.  Then it was time for clear up and some last goodbyes.

I stopped to buy a few supplies on the way out, then a few more, ahem!

A great day and a fabulous tutor.

Have a read of Janice and Claire's account of the day.

3D Cakes

20 Roseburn Terrace,
EH12 6AW

Cake Design Team: - 0131 337 9990
Cupcake Order Line: - 05602051641 

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post, I paid for this course myself. I was not given any free products or perks. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. How fabulous Jac. My only question is, as works of art, how can you allow them to be eaten? I love the way you meet up with other bloggers for cookery classes, sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. It was fun, although we hardly got a chance to have a chat and both Janice and Claire had to rush off after the class.

  2. I think I might have wept, if I had to choose between eating and carrying around that ladybug. You might think I mean when I was a kid, but no, I am just as weird now. Having those on a cupcake at a birthday party might just have been CUTE OVERLOAD.

    My goodness, you do beautiful work - those little bow-wrapped gifts are especially classy and can be useful for holiday petit fours, too. Lovely.

    (I know you only bought many supplies for Cooper - so he can try this at home. Right???)

    1. You are right the supplies are for Cooper *wink*.

      The ladybirds are super cute. I loved them, I think it was their little smiley faces.

  3. These are so cute!!
    Great job.
    Have a nice afternoon

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  5. Wow, what cute cupcakes! It looks like a really fun day! :-)

  6. How fun! Your cupcakes are gorgeous!

  7. More beautiful cakes...I love the gerberas.

    1. Those are my favourite too, well apart from the cheeky ladybirds that is :)

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  9. Brilliant. You are always so good at putting in all the useful information. Hilarious photo of me too and, I'm pleased to say that I'm getting my hair coloured at the weekend, too much grey showing :o

    1. I never noticed the grey Janice. You looked lovely as always :)

  10. I remember reading about this on Janice's blog. Looks like a really fun day! Love your cupcake decorations - very professional looking :) Thanks for the sugarpaste tips too - I'm still a novice so it's very helpful.

    1. I am glad you found the post helpful Ros. It was a great day :)

  11. these look fantastic - I don't want to eat all that sugar but I love playing with it and I know it would impress sylvia no end (am sure cooper loved them)

  12. These look wonderful, I always find it's half the battle with cake decorating to have all the right tools and equipment ready and then the actual decorating bit is a lot easier than you imagine. Looks like you had a fabulous day!

    1. You are so right Sarah, although I don't know what half the tools do yet.

  13. Looks like you had a fantastic day - it's so much easier when someone else has already assembled all the tools you'll need! I love all the 3D effects and those ladybirds are really cute!

    1. So much easier Caroline and especially when they show you how. You then think ahhhh!

  14. Wow - what beautiful cupcakes. Even just standing the heart up rather than lying it flat makes such a difference

  15. They look amazing.
    What have you used for the ladybird antennae?

    1. You get little stamen for that. I think they may be from flower decorating. Will check with Janice and get back to you.

  16. What a great day you all had and the cupcakes look amazing!


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