No Croutons Required - Sandwiches

For this month's No Croutons Required, I wanted you to focus on what is often served alongside soup or a salad.

The humble sandwich. 

No Croutons Required
October 2012

name:  Johanna
location: Melbourne, Australia

Johanna made her own vegan cheeze sauce and fake (tofu) bacon for this taco.
Cheeze sauce, rice, kidney bean and corn stew, and avocado, bacon and tomato salsa in a crispy taco.
I wasn't sure I would like this at first, but once I read the recipe, I knew I really would. 
Great entry Johanna!

name: Helen
location: London, UK  

I like to think of this one as Smoked Bean Pate, as the thought of a fish pate, even though I know it isn't fish is just too much for me. I know Helen will just laugh at me for being a wuss, but I can't help it.  

Forget the title though and it does sound yum, although goodness knows where I am going to lay my hands on liquid smoke, beans, smoked oil, liquid smoke, yoghurt, soy sauce, capers, lemon juice, seaweed flakes and salt and pepper to taste.

name: Lisa
location: United Kingdom
A frugally tasty lunch time snack from Lisa. Lisa filled her corn tortillas with courgettes, green pepper, spinach, garlic, chilli powder, dried oregano, pickled jalapeños,  grated hard cheese/vegan cheese and fresh coriander

However, Lisa says, you could just fill it with whatever you happen to have in the fridge.

name: Karen
location: France

Karen makes us what she calls a simple open sandwich, but I think it is so much more than that. Don't you desperately want to tuck in? I do.
"Fresh tomatoes are fried in butter and served with a free-range egg on toasted bread, with "soldiers" and a garnish of fresh lovage."

name: Janice
blog: Farmersgirl Kitchen
location: Scottish Borders

Janice has good experience in making sandwiches. Her mother is a master sandwich maker. "she always ensures that there was plenty of filling and that the filling goest right to the edge of the sandwich, the best way to achieve this is by cutting off the crusts." 

Janice made some flatbreads from scratch and filled them in a creamy leek filling made with cottage cheese. I think it sounds divine.

name: Janet
blog: The Taste Space 
location: Toronto, Canada

Janet isn't a great one for eating sandwiches. She just isn't really keen on bread, but she made an exception for us this month and didn't she do good. 
Chickpeas mashed with avocado, cilantro, green onion and lime juice, seasoned and heaped onto a slice of maple pumpernickle (sourdough rye) bread, which is covered in a layer of lettuce.

name: Jacqueline
location: Scotland 

For my sandwich, I decided to fill a bagel with mango chutney, falafel, grated carrot and homemade hummus.
I am totally in love with this sandwich. I have made it several times now and have one in the fridge for my husband and I to enjoy tomorrow. I've also coverted Janice over at Farmersgirl Kitchen who is enjoying it too.

All I can say is try it!

name: Priya
Priya is a great lover of sandwiches and would happily sit down to one for dinner.

This month she makes us a frugal sandwich. This one can be made using leftover cauliflower mixed with fresh herbs.

Priya was very pleased that her children enjoyed this one to. I think you can count me in too Priya.


name: Kellie
blog: Food to Glow
location: Edinburgh, Scotland

We finish on a bit of a stunner. 
Kellie tells us the Japanese twist is in the form of "an aromatic and spicy seasoning called shichimi togarashi. Or togarashi for short."  
You must go over and have a look at the recipe. It is a really interesting one that includes grated clementine peel.

Toasted tacos filled with butternut squash, kale, corn, ginger, black beans, coriander, yoghurt and salsa. Mmmmmmmmm!


I think you will agree this is a magnificent roundup of sandwiches. Everyone was so creative. 

I have taken the poll down as it was resetting everyday and losing all the votes.
Lisa will be hosting next month over at Lisa's Kitchen, so be sure to amble on over there at the beginning of November.   


  1. Many very inspiring sandwiches, my favourite panini are those filled with greens. what fish pate?? Lol I was wondering for a moment...

    1. Hehe, yes it is fake fish pate or lovely smoky bean pate as I like to think of it :)

  2. How genius are taco sandwiches!! Wish I had thought of that before now!

  3. Fabulous selection there - have to check out more of these blogs . Glad I found this blog. Thanks Rosemarie

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rosemarie and glad you enjoyed the roundup. There are some fab blogs there to discover :)

  4. All the sandwiches look do good, Jacqui! (and I don't even eat them, ha!!)

    1. You are overly healthy at times Janet, haha. Nothing like a good old sandwich :D

  5. Great round-up, lots of yummy inspiration!

    I had hoped to take part with one of my favourite beany sandwiches but I had leant my camera to a friend and didn't get it back in time..another time!


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