Clandestine Cake Club - Fall Fancies

The Clandestine Cake Club in Dundee is going from strength to strength. We've had 6 meetings now and we have 33 members.

Our October meeting was in a sweet little cafe on Perth Road called Tea Leaves and Coffee. Rebecca organised October's meeting (yes, I am very late in posting this!) and the topic she picked was Fall Fancies. We had pumpkin, blackberries, raspberries, apple, bramble, beetroot, pear, cinnamon and maple as our flavours.

It was a small meet, which was actually quite nice as we were able to talk together as a group instead of the little pockets of conversations we usually have. The topics of conversation went from cake to breastfeeding, to breastmilk ice cream to men dropping from the sky. If our new baker Gary and his guest Anna were a little bemused by the conversation, then they hid it well.

I made a victoria sponge, which I filled and topped with raspberry buttercream and raspberry fondant chocolate eyeballs. Not my finest creation in terms of looks, but it was enjoyed.

The Cakes:

The Bakers & Guests:

You can read Rebecca's write up of the cake club meeting here.

75 Perth Road, 

 01382 226362


  1. Absolutely FAB photo of you Jac! LOL! Looks like you were having a GREAT time! Lovely cakes too....Karen

  2. Those are some pretty wild looking cakes: it sounds like it was a fun evening. I hope your new member comes back!

    1. Haha, me too. His name is down for tomorrow, so it doesn't look like he was put off :)

  3. Well done Jac. So glad it's proving to be such a success. Cakes look amazing as ever, but I do find those eyeballs spooky :-S

    1. Yes, they were a bit, but tasted great. We have another meeting tonight. I am looking forward to it.

  4. Another great round up Jac and some simply scrummy looking cakes too. See you Thursday ;0)

  5. Great cakes - love the one with eyeballs on it!


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