Freelance Work

I'm available for recipe development and freelance work.

If you would like me to develop a recipe for your brand or write a sponsored post, article or review, please request my current media pack.

You can find out what has been written about me and Tinned Tomatoes in the press here.

Here are some examples of work I have done for brands:

 Good Food Channel
  1. Spicy Bean Burger with Sweet Chilli Jam

Great British Chefs
    Check out my author page for my latest recipes for Great British Chefs.


  1. Cajun Spiced Black Bean & Sweet Potato Burgers


  1. Quick Spinach and Preserved Lemon Pesto
  2. Roast Carrot and Mint Barley Couscous


  1. Pineapple and Ginger Sparkler. Mocktails for Innocent's 12 Days of Mocktails.

Check out my Author Page for my latest articles for Baby Centre UK.

  1. Strawberry spinach booster
  2. Quinoa - the mother grain 
  3. Fig, prune and almond milk 
  4. Plum and apple smoothie with fizz
  5. Spiced moroccan pate 
  6. Cauliflower and pea pesto
  7. Butternut squash, carrot and orange smoothie 
  8. Swamp Juice 
  9. Nectarine and Apricot Sherbet 
  10. Savoury Cauliflower Rice 
  11. Coconut Island Smoothie 

  1. Warm ribbon courgette and potato salad with pesto
  2. Rumbledethumps 
  3. Spiced potato and red lentil soup
  4. Deep strawberry cheesecake 
  5. Raspberry ripple and white chocolate ice cream 
  6. Carrot, banana and chocolate chip flapjacks
  7. Scottish tattie scones
  8. Warm Ribbon Courgette and Potato Salad 
  9. Spicy Tattie Puffs 
  10. Moroccan Style Potato Bake 

  1. Kale and cheddar bubble and squeak with a poached egg
  2. Rich mushrrom and neep pie
  3. Caramel Apple Coopers

  1. Floods, Foods and Fancies
Morphy Richards 
  1. Kettle and toaster review 
  2. Iron review
  1. Hearty potato, egg and apetina salad 
St Helen's Farm 
  1. Pepper and mushroom papparadelle 
Al Fresco Holidays 
  1.  Asparagus, blue cheese and avocado salad
 Long Clawson Dairy 
  1. Fettucine with creamy blue shropshire 
  2. Asparagus, blue cheese and avocado salad 
  3. Red macaroni cheese
The New Zealand Honey Company 
  1. Lemon, honey and pear syllabub 
  1. Triple Chocolate Cookie Challenge 
  2. Gourmet range review
  1. MOO business cards
Baking Mad
  1. Maple Pecan Sticky Bars 
 Hotel Chocolat
  1. Mother's day
  2. Easter
  3. Valentine's day 
  4. The Party Piece 
  5. Sealed with a Kiss - Valentine's Day 
  1. Mini cupcake maker 


  1. Great idea Jac, I'm sure the offers will come rolling in!

    1. I was trying to sneak this in, so I had a page to link to. No-one was supposed to notice! I stuck it in at the beginning of December as well. *sigh*

  2. Busy lady! How did you arrange all these, did you contact companies or just wait for them to come to you?

    1. Hi Becca, this wasn't really for people having a read of, I just wanted to store a page on my blog to refer brands too. Didn't realise anyone would notice it.

      The brands came to me, all except for Vitamix, whom I got in touch with. It does seem like a lot, but I am a staff writer with Baby Centre and the others are spread over a year.

  3. I was amazed at all the "work" you have been doing on your blog - saw that this wasn't meant to be for bloggers but it is interesting to see what you have been up to in this way - very impressive (and more exciting than packing our cases before we leave on thursday)


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