Potato Salads for No Croutons Required

I put out the call for potato salads for this month's No Croutons Required

It was a bit slow going at first and I was worried I wasn't going to get any entries, but my Croutonees didn't let me down and I have a rather exciting and diverse range of potato salads to share with you.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a salad.

No Croutons Required
February 2013
Potato Salads 

name: Adam
location: UK

Adam made this potato salad in a show of defiance to the bog standard potato salad he was sick of seeing  at BBQs and parties. The kind that he says is often eaten by elderly relatives or left for the dog.

Instead Adam decided to make a potato salad that could stand up for itself, one that could kick and punch. 
And the secret ingredient? Well that would be mustard,

Great choice Adam.

name: Ricki
location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For health reasons, Ricki eats a anti-candida, sugar-free and gluten-free vegan diet, but you would never guess that when you see her food. It always looks so exciting and sumptuous. It gives hope to all who have to restrict their diet in one way or another.
For her potato salad Ricki brought together red skinned potatoes with garlic, lemon, olive oil and dandelion greens. Now that is something I would never have thought to include in a dish Ricki, but it looks great! Fabulous entry!

name: Ruth
location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Ruth knows the way to our hearts. 
Roast spuds! 
Ruth roasted the potatoes along with the garlic before putting her salad together. She then used the garlicky oil from the roasting pan as the base for the creamy mint dressing. I have to admit I am drooling at the thought.
Head over to Ruth's post to see her tip about how to use the garlic in the salad.

name: Helen
location: London, England, UK
Helen is another blogger who put a creative spin on her potato salad. After having a miso tasting party in her flat, Helen was left with an abundance of miso, so she decided to put it to good use and have it as the base of her dressing.
Miso, tamari sauce, lemon juice, sesame oil, mirim and tahini. Sounds delicious doesn't it? Although I need Helen to explain to me what mirim is. She also topped it with another exciting ingredient, but you will have to head over there to find out. Beware though, the topping isn't always suitable for vegetarians.

name: Janet
location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Whenever I am looking for an exciting salad I always go and visit Janet. She is a guru when it comes to salads. She always makes them look so exciting, with so many delicious flavours and textures.
For this salad Janet opted for sweet potatoes and roasted them with golden beets. To give them a bit of oomph she coated them in olive oil, cinnamon and cayenne pepper before roasting.
I got distracted reading Janet's post as she mentioned chocolate protein powder, so I had to go off and read about that before getting back to the salad. I already add baobab powder and quinoa powder to Cooper's smoothies to up the nutrition levels, but imagine how excited he would be if I added chocolate to a banana smoothie and how pleased I would be knowing it's so good for him. 

name: Jacqueline
location: Dundee, Scotland, UK
host - not in vote
I was inpsired to create some new-style potato salads after reading Donna Hay magazine. I can't remember which edition it was, but she was doing a new take on potato salads that were layered on a plate rather than tossed in a dressing and served in a bowl. I headed to the kitchen and created this layered salad. It's the best potato salad I've ever made!
Charlotte potatoes, peas, baby broad beans (spent ages popping them out of their skins, but it is worth it), grated courgette and feta cheese with a citrus herb dressing. 

name: Elizabeth
location: ?
This is my first visit to the Law Student Cookbook. Lovely to have you aboard Elizabeth.
For her pink potato salad Elizabeth used red potatoes, beet (beetroot), egg, red onion and celery in a creamy mustard dressing.
I think Elizabeth will be using rubber gloves next time she cooks with beets.  

name: Johanna
location: Melbourne, Australia
Johanna went for a retro vibe with her potato salad. First of all she spotted a Coronation Chickpea Salad, then her husband told her about the Coronation Chicken he was served up as a lad. Johanna never enjoyed such delights in her house as a child, but then she is an Australian, but her husband is Scottish
Britain went coronation chicken crazy in the 50's in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II being crowned. It remained popular for decades after that. 
Johanna took inspiration from Karen over at Lavender and Lovage and made a Coronation Potato Salad. 
Curry leaf loves potatoes, so potato salad wasn't too much of an ask. She worries that you can't have them on diets, but I say check out the 5:2 Diet that I am following, as it is about the calories twice a week and you don't have to worry about carbs. 
I digress, let's get back to the salad. This is a flavourful potato salad with lemongrass, lemon juice, fresh ginger, chilli paste, oil and vinegar. 

name: Laura
location: Surrey, England, UK
Laura's Mexican friend told her that she uses cape gooseberries (Physalis) in place of tomatillo, which she just can't get over here. This planted the idea in Laura's head, so when she had some cape goosberries left over from having a fruit tasting session with her children, she decided to add them to her potato salad.
Laura dressed her potato salad in a salsa verde sauce and topped with a scattering of the cape gooseberries. It looks wonderful Laura!

name: Ness
location: UK
Ness is a brand new food blogger. A mum to two who only started blogging last month, so I do hope you all go over for a visit to say hello and make her feel welcome.
Ness made this simple salad from British new potatoes dressed with vinaigrette, made extra special with the addition of chives. Ness prefers to serve this salad cold and loves it with quiche. It's gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Great first entry Ness. 

name: Marina
location: ?
Marina is also a new food blogger or at least her blog Mariyka's Food is new. She doesn't give much away on her blog, but she has got a special reason for setting it up. Marina and her husband are giving up meat for 40 days for lent. They love meat. So the blog is following her adventures into meat-free cooking. Quite a journey I am sure. Let's hope she gets lots of inspiration in this roundup.
Marina's salad is a Russian Salad famous in the former Soviet Union called Vinegret. Marina says it is "deliciously sweet and salty with some crunch from raw onions". Her salad as you may guess features potatoes and beetroot as the main ingredients, along with carrots, onion, cucumber, sauerkraut, white beans and parsley.  


name: Caroline
location: UK
Caroline's potato salad is a great one if you are watching your weight. She reduces the calories and fat by using quark with is a virtually fat free soft cheese, which can be used for sweet or savoury dishes. I was glad for Caroline's reminder as I hadn't used quark for such a long time and had forgotten all about it. I will definitely be using it in my 5:2 recipes soon, in fact I bought a tub at the supermarket last night. Thanks Caroline, great recipe!

name: Simona
blog: Briciole
location: Northern California, USA

Simona can always be relied upon to come up with an interesting dish with mouthwatering photos and this dish is no different. 
First she made a roasted red pepper and cashew dip. She had the roasted peppers, just sitting waiting for such an outing, in the freezer. She usually makes this dip with almonds, but really enjoyed the change in flavour brought about by the change of nut. 
Simona coated her home-grown and cooked potatoes in the dip, after loosening the texture a little with olive oil and vinegar, seasoned the salad and served it after a bowl of homemade winter squash soup.
Mmmmm, serve some up for me to Simona!

name: Lisa
location: London, Ontario, Canada
host - not in vote
Just look at that! Doesn't it look amazing?
The final entry comes from by best buddy Lisa. Lisa specialises in Indian cooking and boy is she good at it. You really have to visit her blog if you want to plan an Indian meal. Her recipe index is really extensive, you could happily spend weeks looking through it all and drooling. 
The potato salad, yes the salad. Doesn't it look amazing? Did I say that already? "Colorful, tangy and zesty fried potato and sweet potato salad with peas, tamarind, chat masala and Indian spices". Mmmmmmmmm!   
How brilliant was that roundup? 
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  1. Elegant roundup, as always, and such a joy to read. A collection of really nice recipes including unusual ingredients. Can we have a potato salad party soon?

    1. That is a fabulous idea Simona. All those salads and a few glasses of wine. Perfect!

  2. Wow Jac - what a beautiful roundup. I just don't know which salad to vote for, as they are all so tempting.

  3. I REALLY meant to send you one! Next time!!!!! and yes, they do look beautiful. I shall be off looking for dandelion leaves in the spring:)

  4. you really know how to bring new life to an old favourite - great round up - so many good ideas I feel like running out to buy potatoes

  5. Fab round-up, Miss Jac. All of the recipes have a different take in one way or another, from the more classic recipes, to sweet potatoes (tangential - I like), to Indian-inspired. Anyone could be this month's winner!

    1. It is a great and varied roundup. I'm so chuffed everyone joined in and put so much thought into it.

  6. Brilliant roundup and great choice in the lowly potato as star. I've pinned a bunch for picnics once winter is behind us. Thanks for a great round up.

  7. Super awesome round-up, Jac. I always love reading your blurbs with all the recipes. Everything comes to life. I thought beets and potatoes would be a unique combination so I am thrilled to see different versions of them together. :)

    1. It's nice to know it is read by someone. It would be very easy to skim down them :)


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