New in my Kitchen #4

From time to time I'm sent a new product to try or I stumble across something new myself. I thought I'd take a few minutes to share my latest discoveries with you.

Sometimes I'll like a product, sometimes I'll love it and occasionally I'll hate it.

Do let me know if you've made any great new discoveries.

Only 41 calories for 50g of this gorgeous yoghurt. Perfect for the 5:2 Diet. What do I love about this yoghurt? It's smooth and creamy, the flavour is mouthwateringly good and the best part is that it doesn't taste like a fat free yoghurt. Low fat and fat-free yoghurts can often be thin and uninteresting with a powdery aftertaste, but this yoghurt taste luxurious.

RRP (Waitrose) £1.75 - 450g
Score 10/10

I first got these graze boxes through a Groupon deal, but as I loved them so much I decided to continue ordering them. When Graham became vegan, I thought it was a good idea for him to have healthy snacks too, so I upped my order. I now receive two boxes a week. I love them! 

You go onto the website, have a browse through the hundreds of options, tick bin, like, love or send soon and sit back and wait for your wee surprise with each delivery. My favourite is the Toffee Apple, which is sticky toffee sauce with chewy granny smith apple slices. Sounds calorific, but that snack pot is only 68 calories. 

Graham's favourite is Jaffa Cake, which is roasted hazelnuts, orange infused raisins and dark chocolate button. Graham isn't keen on the boxes with coconut and I'm not keen on the little meringue pieces, but apart from that we are great fans.

If you fancy trying it, email me and I can send you a code so you can get your first box free.

RRP £3.89 for a box of 4 packs
Score 9/10

The nice folks over at Jelly Belly heard I was following the 5:2 Diet and as Jelly Belly jelly beans are only 4 calories each, they thought they were the perfect snack for me and sent me over this marvellously huge box. I have to say it is great to be able to have a few of these at the end of a fast day. Such a treat, they are very nice jelly beans.

My absolute favourites are the sizzling cinnamon, juicy pear, strawberry jam, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate pudding and buttered popcorn. The chilli mango was a bit of a shock as it was quite hot. I avoided all the coffee and tea flavoured beans and your couldn't pay me to try the liquorice, but the rest are all lovely.

Note: Jelly Belly don't advise feeding jelly beans to children (oh good, more for me!)

RRP £22.98 for this 50 flavour 600g gift box
Score 9/10

I was given this plate set as a gift and it's the best thing since slice bread! Well it is if you cook. Forget all the bother or trying to remove the papery skin from a clove of garlic, then faffing about with a garlic press. With this set, you pop the garlic into the rubber tube and the skin falls off, then you wet the plate and rub your garlic clove over it and it seconds it is a smooth puree, then the wee brush is handy for scooping up your puree. Genius!! And...... it goes in the dishwasher. You can also use it to grate -

• Ginger
• Strawberries
• Parmesan Cheese
• Nutmeg
• Olives
• Apples & Pears
• Carrots
• Lemon, Orange & Limes
• Nuts (Walnut, Brazil)
• Chocolate

Although I have only used it for garlic and ginger so far. You have to get one of these, I insist!!! And no I don't have shares or any association with the company. 

RRP £10.00 various patterns
Score 10/10

This one isn't so much in my kitchen but in other kitchens ie restaurants. I was given one of these cards last year to try out. I wanted to try it for a while before telling you about it, but I have left it for a rather long time, so a bit of an apology to those nice folks at Tastecard. With this card you can get up to 50% off your restaurant bill. 

You simply go onto the site and type in the type of cuisine, your location or offer type (2 for 1 or 50% off) and hit search. You will then be provided with a list of restaurants and their deals. They also have mobile apps that can pin down your location and give you nearby offers.

I've used this card quite a lot, both at home and when I was down in Yorkshire on holiday with my family. I've used it for 2 people up to a group of 8 and I can happily say that it's a good service. If I had bought the card, I would have saved the price in the first 2 months of using it and all the restaurants I visited were happy to accept it without quibble. There isn't a lot of choice in my area, but choose a big city and you have a huge choice.

RRP £79.95
Score 8/10

Whittard is well known for it's quality coffee, but did you know it also specialises in Hot Chocolate? When they got in touch with me, I had to admit to hating coffee, but luckily for me they were happy to send me some of their luxury hot chocolate. The first flavour they sent me is there Crème Brûlée White Hot Chocolate. A creamy hot chocolate make with milk that tastes of good quality white chocolate with a hint of caramel. It's lovely for a treat on a cold day, but it is quite sweet, so I would make some in a small cup rather than a mug.

RRP £5.50

Mmmmmm, I liked this one. The flavour of creamy white chocolate as you drink it then a subtle after taste of fruity rhubarb. So unusual. This edition won the 2011 Great Taste Award and I can see why.

RRP £5.50

Have you tried any exciting new products recently?

Disclosure: Rachel's Yoghurts,Jelly Belly, Tastecard and Whittard sent me products to try, the other products were purchased by myself or friends with no incentive from the companies. I was not required to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. ooh I remember those garlic plates from the Foodie thing we went to in Edinburgh. I should have bought one if they are so good! I bought some of the Whittard Drinking Chocs for Christmas presents and they seemed to go down well. Nice review post, lucky you with Jelly Belly, love them.

    1. I know, I instantly regretted not getting one. They are well worth the money. Fortunately Claire got me one for Christmas. She must have remembered.

  2. sizzling cinnamon are my favourite and they do them in a sugar free version which is great for me!

    1. They are rather nice. Sugar free sounds even better.

    2. We need to do a Jelly Belly exchange. I love buttered popcorn and pear! Dislike the cinnamon. but part of the fun is the differernt preferences...

    3. That's true Helen, but you're not getting my juicy pear!!

  3. Love the garlic grater! Not sure about rhubarb hot choc though

  4. I have the original garlic grater thing - its Japanese and its called an orishigane
    I have to admit though, I do love the look of yours as mine are much plainer. I will keep an eye out for them.

    1. I was thinking I hadn't seen one of those before, but now I see what you mean and I have seen them. You are right though, these are prettier.

  5. all looks very interesting - I love the sound of the hot chocolate with rhubarb and am intrigued by the garlic crusher - those jelly belly beans were such a delight when I discovered them on a trip to sydney as a youngster - now they make me think of bertie botts jelly beans in Harry Potter. The graze snacks look fantastic but I am not sure they are in melbourne


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