New in my Kitchen #6

Occasionally I'm sent new products to try or I try something new myself. Here are the newest discoveries in my kitchen.

I may love or hate a product, but I will be honest about it.

Let me know if you've made any great new discoveries.

1. Eclectic Cutlery Set

I got this colourful cutlery set from I thought they would look great in food photos. There were two other sets and I particularly liked the dotty one, that had a variety of dotty and floral cutlery, but I was won over by these colours of the sea.

I have to admit to losing hours to Not On The High Street. They have so many fabulous gifts by craftspeople, that you guessed it, you don't see on the high street.

I've spent many an hour browsing through their kitchen and dining pages and spent way too much.

I bought the little milk bottles that I display my smoothies there too, along with the stripey straws.

Cutlery RRP £37.99
Milk Bottles RRP £3.50

Score: 10/10

2. Cherries Glamour

I was lucky enough to be sent a batch of these early cherries to try. These Spanish cherries are only available between March and April and are grown in relatively small quantities. They are sold in Harrods and Marks & Spencer.

They are farmed by a Spanish farmer called Oscar Ortiz, who picks and sends them on their way the same day. He told the Daily Mail, " I often sleep in the greenhouse," in a sleeping bag "It's just to check that they're OK. But my wife's not exactly happy about that. I don't stay here every night."

That's dedication for you. The cherries were large, ripe and really sweet. Such a treat to have cherries to feast on so early in the year.

Score 9/10

3. Good Heavens Drinking Yoghurts

I got these a while back, but forgot to tell you about them.

Little 125ml bottles of drinking yoghurt, that are just perfect to grab on your way out in the morning.

They contain 25% of an adult's calcium RDA and are also Probiotic and low-fat and very slurpilicious!

I haven't seen them in my local supermarket yet, but I am keeping a look out for them.

RRP 99p each
Score: 9/10

 4. Cocoa Boutique

Cocoa boutique is effectively a chocolate tasting club. For £19.95 a month, they will select the best chocolates for UK and worldwide artisan chocolate makers. Delivery is free and the boxes fit through a letterbox.

Photo courtesy of Cocoa Boutique
This was the monthly selection I received. My out and out favourite was the Passion Fruit. I can hand on heart say, it was the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted!

I also really enjoyed the Lemon Meringue whip, the Pink Champagne Truffles, the Coco Dusted Salted Caramels and the Honeycomb Bites.

The rest were good, but not flavours I would pick and that is why I don't know if I would join a club like this.

It would be a fabulous gift, but unless you like a wide range of flavours, you would end up with some sitting in the box.

Of course, you could always share them!

RRP £19.95
Score: 7/10

5. Indus Split Red Lentils

These aren't new in my kitchen, but I wanted to mention them.

I use a lot of red lentils in soups and dals, so it makes sense for me to buy a bigger bag. I tend to do my shopping in Tesco, as there is one near my house, so it is nice and convenient.

I used to buy the bog standard 250g bag, that sat beside all of the other rice and grains, until I discovered the Indian section. £2.99 for a huge 2kg bag. The 250g bags generally cost just short of a pound, so you can see how much can be saved by heading to the Indian section.

While you are there, buy your coconut milk for 69p instead of paying anywhere between £1 and £2 and buy some of the East End Chickpeas at 39p for a 400g tin. They are fat, creamy and delicious, unlike the Tesco Chickpeas that cost 60p a tin and are as hard as bullets and very unappealing! 

You also get some great discounts on big bags of cashews and pistachio nuts, as well as a good variety of other products. I buy big jars of my favourite spices here too and save quite a lot of money. 

Do let me know if you find these brands cheaper elsewhere.

Red Lentils 2kg bag RRP £2.99
Coconut Milk 400ml tin £0.69
East End Chick Peas 400g tin RRP £0.39

Score: 9/10 

6. GoodLife 

We've bought this brand in the past, but were recently re-introduced to it when we tried a selection of their products and they are perfect for us now that Graham is vegan. 

Goodlife's products are meat-free, dairy-free, egg-free and gluten-free.

As you know I usually cook our meals from scratch, but it's sometimes nice to have something quick out of the freezer. 

When we eat veggie burgers or sausages, we layer them high on lightly toasted rolls with salad or fried onions and with relish or mustard.

Our other favourite way of enjoying them is a bit of a nursery meal, served with mashed potato and beans. This goes down well with both Cooper and Graham.

These were our favourites from GoodLife. We all loved the Spicy Bean Quarterpounders, that were packed with beans and veg and had a little kick to them. Cooper and I really enjoyed the Glamorgan Sausages, which are made from mashed potato, onion, leek and cauliflower. Soft and creamy on the inside and crisp on the outside. Graham wasn't as keen. He prefers a burger.

Score: 8/10

ps have you seen my Cajun Spiced Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers yet? You really must try them. They are amazing!!!  Scroll down for the recipe in the next post.

Have you tried any great new products recently? 

Disclosure: I was sent products to review by, Cherries Glamour, Good Heavens, Cocoa Boutique and Goodlife. I bought the milk bottles, straws and red lentils myself. I was not required to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. This is a very interesting post for me, because I too have just discovered the ethnic aisle. I have just converted to East End chickpeas. Plus I have just ordered East End green lentils and East End ground cumin with my online shop.

    Love the ecclectic cutlery.

    1. I do like East End. Saw an interesting documentary on them and try to buy their spices. Good quality.

  2. Oh I know what you mean about the 'World Foods' section in Tesco, I also haunt it for spices and cheaper tins of coconut milk, unbelieveable prices. I had the cherries too, they were fab. Love your cutlery!

    1. It's a good section to peruse! Will have to look out for the cherries.

  3. Yay Jacs, I too shop in the ethnic aisle in Tesco and have the very same Indus Red Lentils and Eastend Chickpeas in my cupboard, have you tried the 5kg sacks of Everyday Value Basmati from there too it was £4 the last time I bought it and it's great and another real saving:-)

    1. It's a great aisle, good products at reasonable prices.

  4. Don't get me started on Not On The High Street....I can lose days on that site!!

    1. Hehe, me too, it's wonderful and dangerous in equal measures. I am tempted to go there and browse right now!

  5. I LOVE the cutlery, it's so beautiful! I was just reading something last night about buying spices from the ethnic aisle as it's cheaper, I wish I'd known about the lentils. I pay 99p for 500g from Lidl Xx

    1. Yeah, although that seems like a good price, it is double the price of the ones I buy.

  6. Damn you!! I can't stop looking at Not on the High Street!! Seriously tho - lovely cutlery Jac (and chocs) :)

    1. Haha, It's brilliant isn't it. I bet you didn't get away without buying something!

  7. I'm always worried about food clubs as I am very fussy!

  8. I buy lots of my storecupboard staples from the ethnic aisle at Tesco, recently it was a huge bag of dried chilli flakes for £1.99, so much cheaper than the diddy little jars in the normal spice section, they'll last me for years!!

  9. AS I recall, and according to Wikipedia:

    > Glamorgan sausage (Welsh: Selsig Morgannwg) is a traditional Welsh vegetarian sausage for which the main ingredients are cheese (usually Caerphilly), leeks and breadcrumbs.

    So what do Good Life use in place of the cheese?

  10. I love the silverware & milk bottles!

  11. you have got me reading not on the high street now - what a great site but so so tempting

    all looks lovely - I have noticed how classy your smoothies look in those little milk bottles - and have never seen vegan glamorgan sausages before - sounds v interesting


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