Bloglovin' and Cyprus Lovin'

The 1st of July a momentous day. 

I shall be home from Cyprus, busy unpacking and opening all the mail and Google Reader is shutting down.

Please don't shut me down too!

If you follow Tinned Tomatoes on Google Reader, then please remember to re-follow me on another service. 

I recommend Bloglovin' and here is my page, just take a moment to sign up and then when it asks you to follow 5 blogs to get started, just type Tinned Tomatoes in the search box. The top entry (white one) is the one to follow. It's a very easy service to use.

We are enjoying our last couple of days in Cyprus and trying not to think too much about going home. We have had such a relaxing time here, although you will notice I am still blogging and writing for Baby Centre. You can take the blogger on holiday.........

Here is my latest post - Wimbledon - bring on the strawberries . Do go over and have a look. There are some of the best strawberry recipes I could find.

I couldn't end my holiday here without sharing some snaps with you.

Girne, North Cyprus

View from our balcony

Topping up the pool

Cooper and me.

A walk with grandparents
Cooper and Daddy.


Girne Harbour

Disclosure: I was not sponsored to write this post and have no affiliation with Bloglovin'. This is merely a recommendation.


  1. Feedly all the way...!

    1. I've not tried that one Ethan, thanks for the tip :)

  2. Hope you're having a wonderful time! The weather looks FAR better than here!

  3. Great photos! What a lovely vacation.

  4. I love your holiday posts as they remind me that my holiday in Greece will follow soon...Zakynthos this year :-)

  5. Fun holiday pics, Jacqueline! Looks like you're all having a marvelous time. Going to be difficult to get back to everyday life! :)

    1. Yep, got home to a broken fridge today Barbara :(

  6. great holiday pics - love the pool in the backyard - that is something I dream of - and the view is superb too - good luck returning home and unpacking

  7. It looks like you're having a great time!

    I tried 5 readers, and Feedly was my second choice, but Bloglovin' was my favorite. Good choice!

  8. Love the photos Jacs! I'm so glad I never went with Google Reader to start off with :)

  9. I need a holiday....luckily I have a weekend away coming up soon. I am envious of that lovely pool!

  10. Looks like a wonderful vacation! I've got ya on bloglovin!


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