New in my Kitchen #7

Here are the newest discoveries in my kitchen.

I might like or hate a product, but I will be honest about it.

Let me know if you've made any great new discoveries.

 1. Fruyo Fat Free Greek Yoghurt 
by Total

I always have a tub of Total Greek Yoghurt in my fridge. A stonking big one at that. I use it for desserts, smoothies, baking and cooking. It's one of my staples. So I was keen to try their new Fruyo range. A quick tweet and they sent me this picnic pack of yoghurts. Result!

Fruyo is their new range of fruit yoghurts, which are fat free, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

The yoghurts come in vanilla, pineapple, peach and cherry.

The pineapple was my favourite, it was really lush and so flavourful. I also loved the peach and Vanilla. The vanilla had the real flavour of vanilla, not that fake sweet flavour. However, I won't be buying the cherry one again, it just wasn't for me.

The pots are 170g and come in at 82 calories. They are thick and satisfying enough for me to have for lunch with a piece of fruit on my fast days.

The only downside, is my local Tesco doesn't stock them yet.

RRP  £1.09 any 4 FOR £3.50 (Waitrose) - at time of going to press

Score 9/10
Score (cherry flavour) 5/10

2. Lime Green Polka Dot Drinking Straws

You might have noticed from my smoothie posts, that i like to serve my smoothies with a paper straw.

Apart from the fact they look bonnie in photos, they are also much nicer to drink out of than plastic. Cooper loves them.

I am always on the search for some cheap paper straws and I found these beauties on Amazon. They also do these in red yellow and black. For some reason the red straws are cheaper.

RRP £1.20 (99p delivery charge)

Score 9/10


We don't have many takeaways in this house, but we do have a notion for one now and again.

I have actually used this service before and found it useful, so I was happy to do a review for them.

Just in case you haven't used JUST EAT before, they are an online takeaway service. Just pop onto their website, pop in your postcode and have a browse. You can look at all the takeaway restaurants in your area, or thin the search down by selecting from:

  • Bangladeshi
  • Chinese
  • English 
  • European
  • Fish & Chips
  • Indian
  • Italian
  • Kebabs
  • Lebanese
  • Mediterranean
  • Pakistani
  • Pizza
  • Sandwiches
  • Thai 
  • Turkish

We decided to try some takeaway from their Chinese Takeaway Restaurants and plumped for the Mayfair Garden. When we landed on the restaurant page, we found the name and address of the restaurant, opening times, customer reviews and the menu.

I know you will be as nosey as I am so here is what the 5 of us had:

Pcs.NameDescriptionUnit PriceTotal

1 X 26. Mini Vegetarian Spring Rolls (12)(Starters) - £ 2.70£ 2.70
1 X 53. Deep Fried Onion Rings in Batter (12)(Specials) - £ 2.50£ 2.50
1 X 65. Fried Rice (Regular)(Side Dishes) - £ 1.80£ 1.80
2 X 75. Chopsticks(Side Dishes) - £ 1.00£ 2.00
1 X 155. Tofu (Deep Fried) (In Batter)(Sweet & Sour Dishes) - £ 5.30£ 5.30

+ Fried rice
£ 0.30
1 X 155. Tofu (Deep Fried) (In Batter)(Sweet & Sour Dishes) - £ 5.30£ 5.30

+ Fried rice
£ 0.30
1 X 186. Kung Po Tofu(Tofu Dishes) - £ 5.00£ 5.00

+ Boiled Rice
£ 0.00
1 X 153. Sweet & Sour Duck (Hong Kong Style)(Sweet & Sour Dishes) - £ 6.00£ 6.00

+ Fried rice
£ 0.30

Delivery price: £ 1.50

Total:£ 33.00

With each main dish we were given further options of the type of rice or noodles we wanted.

To sum it up, we had a good experience with the service. It's great being able to browse through different menus and order online. If you haven't used a restaurant before, the reviews come in handy and we really enjoyed our meal.  

RRP varies

Score 9/10 

 4. Tacos

You probably won't believe me, but I have never eaten tacos before.

Flour tortillas, yes all the time, but never tacos. 

My first venture into tacoland came when I decided to have a try at making these Spicy Veggie Tacos.  

The savoury mince contained within is soya mince, onion and bell peppers cooked in a plethora of spices. 

The tacos were delicious. The soft spicy mince and peppers inside the crispy tacos on top of crisp,cool iceberg lettuce. I served them with homemade chunky guacamole, grated cheddar and sour cream. 

They were a triumph!

I used Old El Paso Taco Shells.
RRP £1.54 (Tesco)

Score 9/10 

 5. Freedom Mallows

I love marshmallows!

I don't get to eat them very often as they always have gelatin. *picture my sad face*

My friend Tanita brought me some back from America and they were heavenly. My friend Andrew brought me some back from America and they weren't so good. I guess you need to know which brand to buy.


Vegetarian Freedom Marshmallows!

The are little yellow pillows of scrumptiousness! I am unsure if the rabbits on the pack relate to the mallows being rabbit dropping shape (surely not) or the fact they are suitable for vegetarians. 

They are fat free, gelatine free, gluten free, dairy free. They contain all natural colours and flavourings and no high fructose corn syrup. They are our friends!

They are approved by the Vegetarian Society and are suitable for Vegans and Halal.

We were sent three bags. I thought we will eat some and I will bake with some. Unfortunately all three bags were scoffed by myself, Graham and Cooper very quickly.

My only warning is don't eat a whole bag at once as they do become sickly on over consumption! 

Now I am just waiting for the Marshmallow Lady (gourmet marshmallows) in Edinburgh to conquer big pillowy vegan/veggie marshmallows and I will be ecstatic.

Vegetarian Freedom Mallows
RRP £2.50 per 75g bag

Score 10/10 

Well a really positive round-up today. I doesn't always work out like that, but this month I have been pleased with my newbies.

What's new in your kitchen?

Disclosure: I was sent the yoghurt, voucher for Just Eat and mallows to review. Everything else I purchased. I was not required to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. I love tacos, can't believe you've just discovered them! I just bought some lovelys stripy paper straws for blogging purposes, take me back to my childhood!

    1. I know, I know Janice, I am so behind the times :)

  2. I love your roundup of things in your kitchen and am particularly drawn to the straws. I always make my kids drink through a straw to help prevent their teeth decaying but hate buying plastic straws as it is so environmentally unfriendly. I wish the supermarkets would sell the paper ones as they are much better for the environment and probably healthier for our kids to use!

    1. You are probably right Camilla. So far Cooper is only drinking milk, water and some watered down fruit juice, so he isn't too bad and he drinks his smoothies through a straw.

  3. Those Fruyo yogurts look interesting...I'm pretty sure that Total used to do something similar that we could only buy in Greece, but they then changed their recipe to lower the fat content and added gelatine.

    1. Ahhh, maybe, but you would have to check with them. It is called fage in other countries, Anyway, these are gorgeous!

    2. Yes, they were Fage yogurts...they used to be full fat and amazing, but then changed to low fat plus gelatine. I'll look out for the Frugo yogurts and try them out.

    3. You can still get the full fat Total Greek Yoghurt and 0% which are suitable for veggies as well as the Fruyo.

  4. I can do cherry yoghurt anytime, but not pineapple :) great reviews this month!

    1. We all have such different tastes, don't we and it's just as well. It would be so boring if we all liked the same things.

  5. I've read about fruyo. For some reason, I thought they were frozen. Will check my regular market today.
    Obviously, some of your reviewed products are no available here...the take-out food looks excellent. Ditto the marshmallows. Love em.
    You had some great successes here. The only new thing I've been trying this week is coconut flour.

    1. Coconut flour sounds interesting Barbara, is it gluten-free? Can you use it as substitute for other flours in baking?

  6. ilove the straws, very colourful. i've not tried Just Eat yet but i am tempted :)

  7. Total yoghurts are so tasty! Enjoy your time in Cyprus :)

  8. Don't feel bad - I've never eaten tacos either! They frighten me that they will fall apart after the first bite!

    1. You should give them a go, they are really good with the savoury veggie mince. The crunch is great!

  9. Great last minute food ideas. Justeat is a good innovation in online food ordering, an easy to go for readymade food.


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