No Croutons Required - Smoothies

My head was in the clouds when I thought up the topic for this month's No Croutons Required. Or maybe it was in the sun.


But more soup-like smoothies.

I asked for smoothies that contained at least one vegetable or salad ingredient and what a slurpilicious selection of smoothies I was sent.

Thanks to everyone who took part. They are just what I am in the mood for as I enjoy the heat of Cyprus!

And now on to the roundup.

No Croutons Required
June 2013


Chef: Janet
Location: Toronto, Canada

Veg or salad: cucumber

Janet got brain freeze drinking this smoothie. As she says herself. Slow down Janet! Although sometimes that is hard to do with something so delicious.

I too got brain freeze this week when eating some fresh ice cream from Mardo's here in Girne, Cyprus. Boy it was painful! But the best ice cream. I had a scoop of Snickers, a scoop of cheesecake and a scoop of blackberry sorbet. Heavenly!

I digress, back to the smoothie.

For this refreshing smoothie, that you must drink slowly, Janet teamed up Strawberries with cucumber, some dairy free milk, vanilla and lemon. 

It does sound really good and very refreshing Janet.

Chef: Dana
Location: Indiana, USA

Veg or salad: avocado & spinach

When I first saw this entry I thought it was a new blogger and indeed the blog has only been going for a few months, but then I went to the about me page and was delighted to see it was my blogger friend Dana. She was back!

Dana used to write Beside Pizza with her daughter Kay. Their last proper post was in 2009 and I was sad not to hear anything more from them, so this is happy news indeed.

Dana has made us this vegan mint chocolate shake. Non-dairy milk, spinach, avocado, mint, cacoa, agave and ice cubes. It looks lush!

Chef: Elizabeth
Location: Shetland, Scotland, UK

Veg or salad: cucumber, broccoli, celery, beetroot

Yes indeed Elizabeth has used enough veg in her smoothie for all of us!

She is a mum after my own heart and sneaks lots of good stuff into smoothies for her children. I find this works particularly well with Cooper. Spinach, carrots and avocado being my favourite additions. I've never tried adding broccoli or celery before, but I am super tempted as this smoothie looks so, so very delicious. Elizabeth likens it to Kool-aid. but I have never tasted that myself. It also contains pineapple, apples and ice.

Great entry Elizabeth.


Chef: Jacqueline (me)
Location: Scotland, UK

Veg or salad: spinach and cucumber

For my entry, I made a green smoothie. It almost looks like it is bubbly in that photo. All it needs it a cauldron to look like a witch's brew.

It had just been whizzed up in my vitamix, so it was still light and bubbly. I served it up in my gorgeous glass cappuccino cup and saucer from Whittard to add a bit of elegance.  My smoothie was strawberries, spinach, cucumber, apple juice and wheatgrass powder for some extra nutritious oomph! 

I was delicious. I loved every slurp!

Chef: Corina
Location: London, England, UK

Veg or salad: avocado

I'd be tempted to call Corina a wuss, but I am very glad she joined in and she is even thinking of using spinach next. So I don't want to put her off.

You see Corina was almost put off joining this challenge because of the veg element, but she took inspiration from a wee baby who loved avocado and banana, so she started then and added some nutella, yoghurt and a little milk. She was very impressed with her smoothie.

Please join me in encouraging Corina to add spinach to her next smoothie!

ps I have a toddler who would love this smoothie!

Chef: Helen
Location: London, England, UK

Veg or salad: spinach

I was so pleased that Helen decided to join in this challenge as she makes such excellent smoothies. They always look wonderful.

This one is a great colour, but it is the purple stripey straw and gorgeous bottle that I am lusting after most, although the smoothie does sound delicious!

Bananas, frozen grapes, pineapple, coconut oil, flax seeds and spinach.  

I have to ask you about the frozen grapes Helen. Do you just freeze them for smoothies? I've never thought of freezing grapes before.

Chef: Lisa
Location: West Midlands, England, UK

Veg or salad: let's just say strawberries are good in salads and leave it there

Lisa wanted a healthy and economical smoothie for her family. So she whipped up this pretty drink. Peaches in juice, strawberries and orange juice. 

Simple. pretty and delicious!

Chef: Kavitha
Location: UK

Veg or salad: There's a fair amount of cheating going on in this challenge!

But, I can't resist these gorgeous smoothies, so I am adding this one too.

A simple, tasty smoothie of bananas, blueberries, sugar and ice.

A really healthy glassful!

Chef: Lisa
Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Veg or salad: small beets with tops (greens) 

The last smoothie comes from my good friend and co-host Lisa. 

Lisa starts this smoothie at night by soaking the oats in yoghurt at room temperature. Then in the morning it's just a quick whizz. Oats, yoghurt, beets with greens, apple, orange juice, ginger, almond milk, honey and ice cubes.

How delicious does that look?


So that is up for this month. 

10 wonderful smoothies to whizz up and try. 

Do take the time to visit some of the blogs and give some comment love. 

Please vote for your favourite smoothie, you will see the voting poll in the sidebar. As usual,  Lisa and I are not eligible for a vote. 

Come back at the end of the month to find out which will be the winning smoothie and thanks to everyone who entered. 

Before I go, I will just try and tempt you with my Top 10 Smoothies for Babies and Toddlers over on Baby Centre.


  1. With Houston's heat, I will be relishing in green drinks. Great ideas here. :-) thank you for the lively round-up, Jacqui. :-)

    1. I am in love with green smoothies too Janet. They are particularly refreshing with cucumber.

  2. What a great collection of smoothies!

  3. Oh bummer :( I wish I'd entered this round, I'm always making smoothies. They all look so colourful and healthy too!

  4. Great round up. Just thinking about the veggie ingredient in my smoothie...if you make the alcoholic version, it contains rum, made from sugar cane, which is a vegetable!!! ;-)

    1. This is true. It's a great smoothie anyway Lisa :)

  5. Hi Jacqueline! I was wondering if you would remember me - it's been so long. Whatever it was that caused you to pick smoothies this month, I'm glad you did. These are all great ideas!

    1. Hi Dana, of course I do. Sorry I haven't been over to say hi yet. I am in the sun on my hols at the moment.

  6. what an inspirational selection - must try some rather than bunging the same old things in the magimix. Totally love Coopers moustache straw, where did you get it, would love one for E :o)

  7. I am right off smoothies as it is cold and I am enjoying porridge for breakfast but Sylvia has been requesting them so I have just had my first one today for ages - haven't worked up to vegies in hers as my blender is not powerful and she is very suspicious of so many things in her smoothies that I don't want to put her off them (and she eats a reasonable amount of vegies anyway) but hopefully one day I will get her to drink a smoothie like elizabeth's

  8. What a lovely selection of smoothies! Some fantastic ideas in here for sure. :)


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