Tips for Food Bloggers - FBC#5 (Day 2)

Here is my second post on Food Blogger Connect #5

Day 2:

Capturing Culture Via Cuisine.

Day two started of with a bang, with an amazing talk from award-winning photogrpher Penny de los Santos.

Penny travels the world taking photos for National Geographic and Saveur Magazine, sometimes in the most unhospitable places, where she really isn't welcome.

Penny told us to get the story behind the photo, there are two sides to every photo.

I could have listened to Penny all day.

Next up was another great talk by Emily Jonzen of Leiths School of Food and Wine. I didn't take any photos, I was too busy taking notes!

Food Styling 101
photo: Flickr/ geishaboy500
  • Think about where the light is coming from
  • Think abut the camera angle, try taking shots from different angles
  • Use paint brushes to paint oil on food for shine
  • Use marmite mixed with water to give a golden colour to food
  • Store salad and herbs in ice water to keep them fresh until you need them for the shot
  • When building up a dish, add things a little at a time
  • Use a dripper to drip on dressing
  • Show food cut into or spooned into
  • Use a teaspoon to take out a little at a time, until it looks good, this is more precise
  • Mess up a fork and add it to the dish, don't use it to cut into the dish
  • Add cutlery to your photo
  • Only slightly cook vegetables for a better colour
  • A small plate looks better in a photo
  • Turquoise and pale green plates work well with food
  • Use a dulling spray on plates and cutlery to take of the shine
  • Props - go for neutral colours and dull metals, not shiny
  • Props - search in antique shops and car boot sales
  • Slice herbs and vegetables very thinly, pop into some iced water and they will curl nicely for your shot. Chillies, carrots and spring onions work well

Whole Foods Market

At lunchtime a few of us went off campus, so to speak, as there wasn't any food for veggies. We were very disappointed.

We headed down to Whole Foods Market for lunch. I loved the shop and the array of food on display looked amazing.

We were a little disappointed by the flavour though. A bit bland and it promised so much!

Diversified Monetisation, Launch Your Bona Fide Food Career

Kerstin Rodgers (Ms Marmite Lover) talked to us about how she set up her supper club.

What a laugh!

Kerstin had us chortling all the way through with her witty view of life and people. I'm not thinking of starting one up, but I wouldn't have missed her talk.

She also reminded us to get paid for our work for brands and not sell ourselves short.

We ended the day late after more street food outside the centre and then retired to a local pub for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, I got caught in the smoke from the BBQ and developed an ulcer on my eye again. An eye bath in the pub toilets did little to improve the situation, although everyone was very kind. So Sunday wasn't as much fun as it should have been.

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  1. Good reminders of a great weekend. Your notes are better than mine! I too was a bit scunnered health-wise (dodgy kidneys) but I'm glad to see you made the most of your first FBC :D

    1. Oh no, that isn't good Kellie. Although you were more on the ball than me. I am remembering back to that conversation where you had so say all I was involved in as my mind went blank. haha!

  2. I can't believe they didn't have veggie food for you! We should have a UK veggie food blogger's conference, even if it's just a small informal one - there are so many amazing blogs around, it would be lovely to get everyone together :)

    And I love Whole Foods, we just had a new one open in Cheltenham (not very far away at all!)

    1. It was really good the rest of the time and there was choice, even vegan food one day. It was just that one lunchtime. There was nowt!

  3. did they ask about dietary preference in your registration form - if so then this should be done but I am amazed there was no veg preference esp in the UK. sounds all very interesting

    1. I can't honestly answer that Johanna. It was so long ago. There wasn't meals as such., just grazing all day. It was only that lunchtime there was nothing.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Pam, I thought the food styling tips were helpful.

  5. Another great write up.I really enjoyed the food styling talk picked up some awesome tips.

    1. It was a great talk. I could have happy had a whole day about food styling!

  6. so glad that you posted the food styling tips! I missed that presentation and was quite sad!!!

    1. It was a good one. Hopefully I have covered the main points :)

  7. That's rubbish about the no veggie food Jac AND in London too. Not sure about the food styling tips. Props are one thing, but food should be made to be eaten first and foremost and not sprayed with marmite.

    1. I know what you mean Choclette, but the stylist works for magazines, so that is how it is done. Good to know if you get some paid work for mags.

  8. Love the tips for photography Jac, can never have too many!

  9. Thrilled you took so many notes, it is much appreciated. Imagine not having veggie food, that is bizarre!

    1. I know, they were great the rest of the time. Oh and Karen said you had told her I take copious notes, haha!

  10. Oh man, sorry you weren't feeling well. I had great fun at the pub, though!


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