Tips for Food Bloggers - FBC#5 (Day 3)

Day 3 of Food Blogger Connect didn't start well for me as I had an ulcer on my eye. So anyone at FBC who wondered why I was wondering about in my sunglasses inside, looking like a right numpty, well now you know!

I sat through most of the morning and then did a search on my tablet for the nearest hospital. Ah, an eye hospital nearby. Perfect! Just a 30 minute walk. So I copy and paste their postcode in my phone sat nav and set off.

Apart from the agony in my eye, I was feeling pretty happy. It was sunny and hot and I was having a meander through a lovely part of London while I listened to Paint It Black. Got to my destination and guess what, no destination! There was no hospital there. I re-checked my sat nav, walked around a bit more, then gave up an phoned the hospital. "No, we are at the other end of London, you are looking at about 30-40 mins by car. Bring on a wee sob (glad I had my sunglasses on) and a phone call to Graham as I walk back to the conference and give up on the whole hospital idea.

Day 3

How To Launch a Product Line

Dana Elemara of Arganic talked to us about how she set up her brand from the concept, through to the product, logo, marketing etc. It was really interesting to hear about that side of things.

Although she was talking about her brand and product, some of her tips would be good for bloggers too.

  • You need to create an identifiable name and logo
  • It should be memorable, easy to pronounce and spell
  • It should work in colour and black and white
  • Is the trademark available?

The rest of the day was a bit of a dead loss for me. I had an ulcer on my eye and was in agony, so I didn't take many notes. We had a great talk called:

Breathing Life Into Your Brand Identity 

by Regula (Miss Foodwise)
  • Our brand is vey important
  • We must decide if we are blogging for ourselves, for an income or to set up a business. 
  • Our logo is important 
  • As is our blog message (strapline). 
  • Our about page is very important, we should have a photo of ourselves and our name
  • The style of our photos should reflect the style of our blog.
  • Our business card should hold our full name and contact details, but don't make it too corporate looking.

My Food Highlights

1. Gran Luchito - Gran Luchito is a Smoked Chilli Paste or Salsita de chiles ahumados - made in Mexico from rare Oaxacan (pronounced wa-ha-can) chillies. I tried their smoked chilli honey and their smoked chilli mayo. They were sensational. So much flavour!

2. Vegan Tart - It was nice to see some vegan food in the FBC street. We enjoyed some really excellent pastry from them. photo: Nayna Kanabar

3. Bev's Cookie Desserts - These cookies were soft and sensational and all in dessert flavours like strawberry cheesecake cookie and apple crumble cookie. photo: Nayna Kanabar

4.  Moose Maple Butter - Wow! There isn't much more to say. Fresh organic butter combined with maple syrup. If you can lay your hands on some, stock up! 

Food Blogger Connect

I had a great weekend. It was fabulous to meet everyone at last.

Tickets: Buy them early and get them on the 2 for 1 early bird special. If not try to get a brand to sponsor you or enter one of the competitions running up to the event.

Venue: Great venue in a good location. If you are going to Battersea, fly to Gatwick, take the shuttle to the train station. Take a train to Clapham Junction, come out of the station, turn left and walk up Lavender Hill. 

Staying over: I shared a room with Karen and it was very cheap because we booked early. We were just over £35 altogether each for 2 nights. We stayed at the Battersea Travelodge, which was clean and close to the venue. It is walkable or you can hop on a bus and you are at Clapham Junction a couple of stops later.

The Conference: There were some outstanding speakers, but some really poor ones too and some that were quite basic. I would still recommend going to the conference, you will come away with some great contacts and have learned a lot.

Here are my 5 posts:
  1. Tips for Food Bloggers - FBC#5 (Day 1)  - including how to get published in magazines
  2. Tips for Food Bloggers - FBC#5 (Day 2) - including food styling tips
  3. Tips for Food Bloggers - FBC#5 (Day 3) - including brand identity and general FBC tips
  4. Food Blogging Tips - FBC#5 - including lots of key tips for food bloggers
  5. Meet the Bloggers - FBC#5 - including profiles of 10 bloggers you may not know and and a list of others that attended.


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