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Raspberry Lemon Swirl Cupcakes

photo: Supergolden Bakes

You may know I was judging a cupcake competition for The competition called for the finest cupcakes known to man.

photo: Supergolden Bakes
There were loads of entries and it was a hard job for myself and my fellow judges, Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog and Lis from Food Stuff Finds to choose a winner.

We poured over all the entries and back through them again. We narrowed it down to a top 3 each and then we discussed why we selected each of our three. The winner was easy, as it was a favourite with all of us.

The winner is Lucy over at Supergolden Bakes who made Raspberry Lemon Swirl Cupcakes.

photo: Cakeyboi
The cutest cupcakes with a heart through the middle. Raspberry buttercream and lemon glaze. How could we resist. Oh and don't forget the sprinkles! Her daughter was very clear on that fact there had to be sprinkles!

The staff at rangecookers particularly liked Stuart at Cakeyboi's Salted Fluffer Cupcake Cones and he was in my top 3 too.

photo: Cakeyboi
Not because he is a good friend, but because his cupcakes made me drool.

I think that is an important test with any cupcake. does it make you drool?

We would like to pass on a highly commended to a few other cupcakes that really stood out. We don't have a prize to pass along to these blogs, but we thought we would share the love.

Photo: what me and the boys say
Another of my absolute favourites.

Neapolitan '99' Ice-Cream Cupcakes

These beauties also made me drool. They were thought up by Kate over at What me and the boys say.

Kate announced she was making cupcakes. her husband wanted vanilla, one of her boys wanted chocolate and the other wanted strawberry, so to be the peacekeeper, she made all three swirled into one cupcake, then topped with whippy style buttercream, strawberry sauce and a flake.

The cupcakes were marvellous in themselves, but I just loved all the photos of her family getting involved in the cupcake making and eating. They look like one fun family!

photo: Wallflower Girl
Also on our highly commended list were these cute cupcakes from Aimee over at Wallflower Girl.

Amiee made us Rainbow Marshmallow Cupcakes. They look pretty good don't they? Any child would be super-excited by these little fairytale cakes, but wait, just wait!

Peel back the wrapper and the cupcake is all the colours of the rainbow. They are amazing!!!

Marshmallow frosting. Mmmmmmm!

While I was over there I got distracted by some Lego Biscuits that I have to make for Cooper!

photo: Country Heart and Home
Next up are these Peanut Butter and Jam Cupcakes from Debbie over at Country Heart and Home.

Vanilla cupcakes with a hint of peanut butter. Drippy jam ooozing out of the centre of each cake and peanut butter icing.

Oh how I love a cupcake with an oozing, soft centre. it really elevates them to something special.

photo: My Golden Pear
Last, but certainly not least is this sensational Chocolate & Raspberry Cream Cupcakes.

These beauties were dreamed up by Angela over at My Golden Pear.

A wedding organised in a rush. In a day in fact. And these were the wedding cupcakes.

A wedding organised in a day! I hear you exclaim.

It was actually the wedding of two stuffed bears that belong to Angela's son.

What a mum, to create these for her little ones imaginary game. She deserves a prize just for being a great mum!

Moist chocolate cupcakes in edible chocolate cupcake cases, decorated with cream and raspberries.

I hope you drooled over these cupcakes as much as I did.

See this is an opportunity not only to drool over cupcakes, but to meet some lovely new bloggers and there blogs. So quick go visit them and say hi.

Thanks to everyone who entered!


  1. I'm so honoured to be featured in this post, thank you :-) I loved all the entries, some VERY drool-worthy cupcakes here!

    1. They are very droolworthy Aimee, including your gorgeous cakes!

  2. Thanks for featuring our entries. I loved taking part in this competition and the prize was fab. I bet you wish you could've had a taste of all of them :-)

    1. Oh god no, I'd be the size of a house!!! No fast would have sorted that out. So many entries!!!!!

      You guys were the top guns (Tom Cruise analogy, no guns involved)!

  3. Thanks for featuring our entries. I loved taking part in this competition and the prize was fab. I bet you wish you could've had a taste of all the cakes :-)

  4. What a tricky job to be Judge Jacqueline of all those fab and innovate cupcakes!

    1. Those are only a few of the entries Kate, there were a lot of entries. It was tricky, but fun too!

  5. The raspberry lemon swirl cupcakes look amazing especially with the heart in the middle - a worthy winner! All the other cupcakes look amazing too - I don't envy you having to judge. Unfortunately I ran out of time to submit an entry of my own but it would have been no match for these.

    1. I am sure they would have Ros, but yes a wonderful selection and hard to pick a winner.

  6. that looks like a hard choice - I want them all

  7. A great line up of gorgeous creations!!!
    Mary x

  8. Wow Jacs, they all look so amazing! Birthday blessings for Cooper :)

  9. I see why the raspberry lemon swirl ones won. Yum.

  10. This is a really nice post Jac and good to get a taste of some of the others as well as the winner of course. It was tough, but I really enjoyed judging this competition.


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