Meet the Bloggers (FBC#5)

In my final Food Blogger Connect #5 post, I would like to introduce you to some of the bloggers that attended.

Pop over and say hello to them. Just look at it as expanding your own readership and your social media circle. It can only be a good thing!

photo: Food Blogger Connect

Name: Niamh Shields

Blog created: 2007
Location: travels a lot, but based in London, UK. Born and brought up in Ireland.

USP: food & travel 

Post: Linguine with a simple tomato sauce, wild garlic flowers and pine nuts

Twitter: @eatlikeagirl
Facebook: Eat like a Girl

Name: Helen Vass
Blog: Diary of a Cake Maker

Blog created: 2011
Location: Glasgow, Scotland (just moved back from Barcelona, Spain)

USP: mostly baking

Post: Salted Caramel Chocolates

Twitter: @diarycakemaker
Facebook: Diary of a Cake Maker
Pinterest: The Diary of a Cake Maker

Name: Tina Anand
Blog: The Spicy Pear 

Blog Created:  2012

Location: London, UK

USP: World food with a South Asian influence

Post: Saag

Twitter: @theSpicyPears

FacebookThe Spicy Pear

Name: Jane Sarchet
Blog: The Hedge Combers

Blog created:
Location: Cornwall, UK

USP: Self sufficiency, gastro-adventure

Post: How to Make and Freeze Homemade Pesto

Twitter: @HedgeComber
Facebook: The Hedge Combers
Pinterest: Janie aka Hedgecomber

Name: Sylvia Filozof

Blog created: 2009
Location: England

USP: Arabic & Indian cuisine (in polish and english)

Post: Hummus

Name: Nayna Kanabar

Blog created: 2008

Location: London, UK
USP: Vegetarian

Twitter: @SIMPLYF00D
Facebook: simply food

Name: Louisa
Blog: Chez Foti

Blog created: 2011

Location: South West France (moving back to the UK soon)

USP: Wholesome Family Food

Twitter: Chez Foti
Facebook: Chez Foti
Pinterest: Louisa Foti

Name: Vanesther Rees

Blog created: 2011

Location: Somerset, UK

USP:  Family food on a budget

Twitter: @BangerMashChat
Facebook: Bangers & Mash
Pinterest: Bangers & Mash

Name: Manjiri Chitnis
Blog: Sliceofme 

Blog created: 2012

Location: London, UK

USP: Different types of cuisine with a love for Indian Coastal cuisine

Post: Key Lime Pie 

Facebook: Sliceofme
Pinterest:  Manjiri Chitnis

Name: Aoife (pronounced EE-fa)
Blog: The Daily Spud 

Location: Dublin, Ireland

USP: Potato recipes

Twitter: @DailySpud
Facebook: The Daily Spud
Pinterest: The Daily Spud

And a few other bloggers at FBC#5

Kellie - Food to Glow
Nazima - Franglais Kitchen

I hope you have enjoyed my 5 posts with tips from Food Blogger Connect #5. I had a great time, learned a lot and meet some really lovely bloggers, Roll on next year.

Here are my 5 posts:
  1. Tips for Food Bloggers - FBC#5 (Day 1)  - including how to get published in magazines
  2. Tips for Food Bloggers - FBC#5 (Day 2) - including food styling tips
  3. Tips for Food Bloggers - FBC#5 (Day 3) - including brand identity and general FBC tips
  4. Food Blogging Tips - FBC#5 - including lots of key tips for food bloggers
  5. Meet the Bloggers - FBC#5 - including profiles of 10 bloggers you may not know and and a list of others that attended.


  1. A LOVELY post Jac and such a great thing to do! I have yet to write mine, but I will also be adding names to people I met too! Karen xxxx

    1. Thanks Karen. I will look forward to reading yours too :)

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out Jacq! Great series, I've enjoyed them all :)
    Jane x

  3. wow Jac that is so sweet of you to give me such a lovely mention.A brilliant post as usual.:)

  4. Thanks for the mention. Lovely to see faces with the names of some of the blogs. Helps with the old memory. Great reminder of a happy weekend.

    1. I know what you mean. I have a shocking memory for names. I can only see it getting worse with age.

  5. Thanks for the mention. Lovely to have some faces with names. Helps with the old mmemmory! Great reminder of a really fun weekend.

  6. Thank you again Jac! Excellent write up as usual :)

    1. Jac I've really enjoyed reading your excellent posts. You are very good at summing up the key points and the atmosphere. It was nice seeing you albeit briefly and I really appreciate the mention x

    2. That's ok Nazima, it was nice meeting you too :)

  7. Great post will be exploring some new blogs now!

  8. What a gorgeous post Jac!! Such a lovely idea to profile us and a recipe from our blog! I'm truly honoured. And feeling very guilty I haven't had a chance to do the same to all you lovely peeps back....but your time will come when I get moved to the Uk and my new Eat Your Veg site up and running :) Thanks so much!

    1. I'm looking forward to your new blog Louisa, but don't worry we all know you are in the middle of a move!

  9. Thanks so much for the lovely mention Jac (and for providing the helpful pronunciation tip - mine can be a tricky name for people to get to grips with :) )

    1. Haha, I had to look it up myself, cause I couldn't remember. It's lovely once you work out how to pronounce it :)

  10. I have loads of tabs open now as I have wanted to meet new bloggers for a while now - thanks for all the links :)

    1. They are a great bunch Tandy. Wonderful blogs and such nice people too!

  11. Hey Jac,
    I've been reading all your FBC posts and have found them really useful. I couldn't afford to go (and was away anyway) so I'm incredibly greatful that you've taken the time to write such clear posts. I've bookmarked nearly every one.

    1. Thanks for that Gill, that makes it totally worth it for me :)

  12. Thanks for the mention - was great to meet you. Its just brilliant you managed to cover so much with all these posts - so helpful for those at, and not at the event. Especially since there was so much to take in!

    1. That's ok Ceri. It was nice to meet you too. You worked hard over the weekend!

  13. Hi Jaq,lovely post,Thank you so much for the mention. FBC'5 was such a lovely time and connecting with you and the other lovely bloggers has been a great journey.X

  14. Cheers for the mention Jac, I've been exploring your FBC5 posts, they really sum up the weekend well!
    It was lovely to meet you!

  15. Another nice post Jac for those of us unable to make FBC. CT and I went over to visit Hedgecomber yesterday. We both enjoyed the visit and it's really nice to know about another food blogger close by, so thank you for putting her in touch with me :)


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