No Croutons Required - October 2013

It's time for another round of No Croutons Required.

This month, I would like you to make a smooth blended soup. It can be a hot soup or a chilled soup and the ingredients are up to you.

I look forward to seeing all your entries.

Remember it must be suitable for vegetarians.

Add your entry to the linky at the bottom of the post by the 20th of October 2013. There will then be an open vote to decide the winner, who will win a badge for their blog.

Soup season is here!!

Thanks to my good friend Lisa for hosting last month's NCR. The theme was mushrooms and the winning entry came from another good friend of mine, Shaheen from Allotment 2 Kitchen. Shaheen won with this rather fabulous Chestnut Mushroom and Barley Broth.

Congratulations Shaheen!


  1. Oh a nice easy one! I shall be entering, endevouring to join in as much as possible this month. About to make a such a soup today actually :))

    1. Great! I look forward to seeing your entry Louisa :)

  2. I've got an entry for this later today. :)

  3. Oh darn, I went away for the weekend and missed the deadline! I have just a recipe too! Ach well, next month :)


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