Pasta with Mushrooms for Pasta Please

I love mushrooms!!!!

I love them in creamy soup, I love them stuffed , I love them in pie and in a quiche. I love them in a risotto,  in a quinoa salad, and in a pasta salad. I also love foraging for them, but most of all I love mushrooms with pasta. So this month's pasta please was a no-brainer, it had to be mushrooms!

Unfortunately the month slipped away from me and I didn't get around to trying a new pasta dish with mushrooms, *hangs head in shame* but I will be sharing with you all the delicious entries and one from my archives.

Claire (Chez Cayenne)

Claire has found some really good porcini mushroom ravioli in her local grocery store,so she stocks up on it for mid-week dinners. Lovely and simple. She wanted to try something a bit different this time,so she roasted some cherry tomatoes to go along with it.  An inspired idea Claire! It looks gorgeous and such a beautiful photo. A great start to the roundup, I think you will agree.

When Anne works night shift, she needs a hearty meal to keep her going through the night, but it also has to be easy and quick to make. Sundried tomato paste, mushrooms, ricotta and leeks. It sounds delicious Anne!

Deena (Deena Kakaya)

Deena went down an oriental route with her pasta dish. It sounds and looks wonderful, but I think I should let Deena describe it. "first you get the zing from the rice wine vinegar and the sharpness from the lime. Then comes in the sweetness from the palm sugar and the gentle heat from the chilli and it’s wonderful. You’ve got juicy and sweet pineapples that can add a touch of sourness, you’ve got silky soba noodles and you’ve got smooth and juicy shiitake. Lots of herbs bring it together with some light yet punchy aroma." Doesn't that sound marvellous? 

Mireille made her pasta dish from Ricotta & Spinach Tortelloni, some homemade bell pepper pesto, ricotta, cream, parmesan, spinach and mushrooms. It looks mouthwateringly good don't you think?

Isn't that a cool picture? That wee guy looks very familiar. Trumpton maybe? I was horrified to hear that Shaheen isn't keen on Mushrooms and finds them bland. What she didn't say was if this pasta dish converted her or not. Leave a comment Shaheen, we'd all love to know. Looks yummy to me!

Jacqueline (Tinned Tomatoes)

This is one from my archive. Bell peppers, mushrooms and garlic cooked briefly in a wok, then put through pasta with yoghurt and cream. The secret to a creamy sauce like this its vegetable stock. Put a little through the sauce and it gives it a rich flavour and cuts through the cloying cream. An excellent pasta dish.

Beth is English but moved to Tuscany to be with her Italian boyfriend. She is a new blogger, but her blog is gorgeous already and she is one heck of a cook. Of course she is in the right place to get all those great Italian tips. For this dish she started with a base of finely chopped onion, garlic, carrot and celery. She added mushrooms and whizzed the sauce up with a little milk for a creamy finish and topped it all off with mushrooms and fresh parsley. Yep, this girl knows a thing or two about pasta!

When Sarah calls her pasta dish Mushroom Tagliatelle, she does actually mean mushroom tagliatelle. Sarah made herself some homemade pasta in her breadmaker and added ground dried mushrooms to her pasta dough, so the pasta is mushroom flavoured and topped with more mushrooms. Served with mushrooms cooked in butter and garlic and accompanied by spinach. Sounds like a winning dish to me!

Thanks to everyone who took part. I love each and every one of your pasta dishes. Mushrooms rule!!!

Next month Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary is hosting Pasta Please, so head over there on the 1st of December to find out what the next challenge is. Until them please do visit these lovely bloggers and leave a nice comment about their scrummy pasta dishes.

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  1. delicious pasta dishes looks wonderful

  2. Wow, how luscious these recipes look! I love mushrooms yet I never used to, cooked well they're delicious.

  3. What a gorgeous mouthwatering collection of recipes. I'm sorry I never got a chance to enter something this month. :(

  4. Thank you so much Jacqueline. My husband loved the pasta dish, I am still sitting on the fence with mushrooms :)

  5. No end of mushroomy loveliness here, I don't think I'd ever get tired of these. Thanks for hosting and inspiring me to make the pasta at long last!

  6. I didn't get around to any mushroomy pasta dish but I don't think we have had pasta for some time - have half a box of linguine on the bench that I thought I would use ages ago and it is still there


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