Festive Pizza

Pizza Express invited us along to try their new seasonal menu.

Try out some pizza, why of course!

We decided to visit the St Andrews restaurant, which has just had a make-over. Although from what I remember it looked pretty good before. It's now, white, shiny and sparkly with clean cut lines.  A more modern looking Pizza Express.


We were kindly looked after by Aga the Manager and really enjoyed both our visit and the meal. The other staff were very very friendly and helpful too, even though the restaurant was quite busy.

Cooper was given one of their kids packs to amuse himself after we had ordered. He was delighted with his stickers and had great fun creating funny faces. Daddy couldn't resist joining in with a spot of colouring.


Cooper - Baked Dough Balls with Side Salad

Baked dough balls with Garlic Butter. Served with a fresh salad of red pepper, santos tomato and cucumber.

Cooper loved his starter, although he didn't like the red pepper. He was delighted by how much cucumber he was served in his salad. It's his favourite. He didn't offer to share his starter with us unfortunately!

Graham - Bruschetta Originale "PizzaExpress"

Tomatoes, red onions, garlic, fresh basil and pesto.

Graham had to skip the pesto as it has cheese in it, but he enjoyed the rest.

Jacqueline - Bruschetta con Funghi

Chestnut & closed cup mushrooms, béchamel sauce and red onions served on our dough, finished with chopped parsley and balsamic syrup.

I tried one of their new starters, the Bruschetta con Funghi. It was amazing! I am just sorry that I don't have a better photo to show you. Mushroom heaven! I will definitely be ordering this EVERY time I visit.

Main Course:

Cooper - Margherita Pizza

Our dough is topped with passata (crushed sweet and ripe tomatoes) and mozzarella.

Cooper enjoyed his pizza, as you can see from the photo, he didn't leave a crumb on his plate.

Graham - Padana Pizza

Goats cheese, mozzarella, spinach, red & caramelised onions, garlic oil.

Graham had the Padana Pizza without the cheese and extra mushrooms added. He enjoyed his pizza, but said the carmelised onions were really quite sweet. I've had the Padana before and the sweetness of the onions is a perfect foil to the salty goats cheese, so the original pizza works well, but if you are going to veganise it perhaps skip the carmelised onions.

Jacqueline - Trifolata Romana Pizza

Chestnut & closed cup mushrooms with taleggio and mozzarella cheese, fresh sage and garlic on a mushroom & truffle sauce, finished with shaved Gran Moravia cheese.

I selected my pizza from their set Christmas Menu. It might have been unwise after a mushroom starter, but I am mushroom mad. The pizza was ginormous, although lovely and thin. It was a cheese fest too and you know I like cheese, but it was a bit too cheesey for even me. I managed half of it and had the rest boxed to take home.

I also ordered a side salad which came with their olive oil and herb dressing. It's gorgeous! Creamy, but with a slight tang too. I love that dressing. I believe you can buy it in supermarkets. I must get hold of some soon. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Cooper - Piccolo Sundae

One scoop of vanilla Gelato or dairy-free raspberry sorbet and finish with chocolate, toffee or fruit sauce. All topped with a baby cone.

Cooper called over Aga to let her know he was ready for dessert. She asked if Cooper would like 2 cones, but he thought one would be enough. Needless to say he loved his dessert and all of the attention.

He also enjoyed a Bambinoccino, which is frothed milk topped with a sprinkling of chocolate powder served in a Cappuccino cup. I often make these for him at home, but I add some spices to mine, which I call Babycinno.

Graham - Raspberry Sorbet

Dairy-free raspberry sorbet. Served with a chocolate straw and fresh mint.

It's also under 200 calories, but I really don't think that matters after you have eaten a huge pizza, even if it was cheese free.

Graham enjoyed his sorbet. It's always nice for him to have the option of a dessert and believe me there isn't often anything on dessert menus for vegans.

Jacqueline - Toffee Fudge Glory

Vanilla gelato, toffee sauce, fudge chunks, wafer.

My dessert was very naughty and tasted sinful too. I'm trying not to think of all those calories. Best not too!

We selected our dishes of the Christmas and standard menu, but you could just order from their Christmas Menu. A two course lunch before 4pm costs £14.99 for a starter and main course and their three course meal costs £19.95, but includes aperitif before the meal and a limoncello at the end of the meal.

We were all feeling satisfied, happy and rather full after a lovely meal.

We stopped to thank the staff, leave a tip for our servers and have a quick chat with Aga, then it was back out into the dark night, crisp air and twinkly lights of St Andrews before heading home.

Disclosure: Pizza Express invited us to try some of their new dishes. I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. The Bruschetta con Funghi looks amazing! Carmelized onions and goat cheese sounds like a winning combo I'll want to try to duplicate at home :)

    1. Oh it is a winning combo. I love that pizza. So, so good. Good idea to try it yourself too.

  2. Just wondering - was that mushroom pizza tomato-free? Thanks, loving your blog!


    1. Thanks and yes, tomato free. It's on a truffle and mushrooms sauce.

  3. That's one huge pizza - or maybe it just looks big! I love mushrooms+truffle sauce, I can only imagine how good it was on pizza! Yum! I want a slice of it!

  4. I like the look of those doughballs - don't know I have had them at pizza restaurants. Am disappointed none of you had the festive desserts - they look rather good. Though I like the sound of what you had and love the huge pizza!

  5. I'm mushroom mad too! I tend to stick to the pizza with a hole in the middle though.. I also really like the mini desserts with a coffee. Tend to save my propoints for the wine!


    1. The pizza with a hole in the middle? Know I am puzzled!

  6. The bruschetta con funghi looks amazing! I love the festive appearance of chestnuts on their new menu :)


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