Festive Photos - The Winner

Happy New Year!

I hope 2014 will be a fabulous year for you.

It's a brand new year for No Croutons Required, which is now entering it's 7th year. You could say it's been really successful, either that or Lisa and I are totally bonkers. Lisa will be announcing the first challenge of 2014 shortly and she may be announcing some changes too.

And on to the winner or should I say winners of December's edition of No Croutons Required. 

No Croutons Required is a challenge where we ask for soups or salad each month, but it's our tradition in December to turn it into a photography challenge and we look for Festive Photos

The photos can be anything that sums up the festive period.

As you can see from my photo Cooper enjoyed Christmas. It was swiftly followed by his birthday so there was an amazing amount of unwrapping and now we are left thinking we need a bigger house to store all his presents. He is one lucky boy!

I decided to keep it in the family this year and asked my Mother-in-law Jean to choose the winner. She is always very supportive of my blog and I thought it would be nice to let her join in for once.

Here is what she said about the winners:
"Pistachio wreath for the more mature .... Jim and I liked it best because it looked good, very festive but the ingredients are totally yummy. Our next favourite for the kids..... The marshmallow snowmen, they looked fantastic, looked quite simple to make and I think kids would love eating them (a bit like eating the head or legs of jelly would you eat a snowman??) and our third choice had to be the meringue trees......they just looked absolutely magical, very festive and who doesn't love a good meringue. I wouldn't like to be you having to judge them because they all look so good, all so different and probably appeal to different people in varying ways. xxx"

Thanks Jean, I'm declaring all three winners and sending them all winning badges for their blogs, but there will be an extra wee something from Santa for the 1st place winner. Here are the winning entries:

In 3rd place:

by Louise over at Crumbs + Corkscrews

In 2nd place:

By Stuart over at Cakeyboi

and in 1st place:

by Camilla over at Fab Food 4 All



  1. Why thank you Jac! Happy New Year to you and your loved ones x

  2. Wow, I'm so chuffed to win and it just goes to show that something good can come out of something not so good like a trip to the hospital where I found the inspiration for this recipe in a magazine:-) Thank you so much and Happy New Year to you and your family:-)

    1. It all comes good in the end Camilla. You have to believe that :)


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