Family Foodie Weekend

I wanted to share with you our foodie weekend. I mention my family, but there are only occasional photos, so I thought I would share my family break, a little of Scotland and some foodie discoveries too.

We spent the weekend in the Moness Resort, which is just a hop and a skip outside of Aberfeldy in the heart of Highland Perthshire. I did wonder if they were being a bit pompous calling it a resort, but the place is vast so they are forgiven. The resort is actually set in a 35-acre woodland estate and consists of a hotel and cottages.

Unfortunately Graham couldn't get the day off work, so we arrived quite late on the Friday. I unpacked and we settled into our room.

The room was lovely. Unfortunately they gave us a travel cot instead of a guest bed. It was way past Cooper's bed time and we knew the hotel was full, so we decided just to share the big bed. It was only for 2 nights, so we thought we would manage fine.

The next morning, after taking turns luxuriating under the power shower (I really need to get one of those at home), we headed to the restaurant for breakfast.

The restaurant is in the original building which dates back to 1758 and was formerly a shooting lodge. The room is very traditional with lots of wood and the most gorgeous stained glass ceiling.

Graham and I opted for the veggie breakfast and Cooper went for the porridge, which was rather thick, but he did well and then got stuck into some toast.

After breakfast, we had a wander around the village of Aberfeldy.

I found a wonderful cooking shop which also sold some local products.

I bought some mini baking tins, some homemade jam and Graham was totally over-excited at finding Flips, but glum over the fact they only had one packet left.

They are a sort of flapjack, which are very oaty and suitable for vegans, although he has enjoyed them all his life. His dad loves them too.

While we were in the village Cooper bought some bubbles in the pocket money shop and I spent some pocket money in the thrift shop in the old church.

I knew it would be worth a look. I came away with a spode style salad bowl and 4 vintage spoons for just £1. Result!

Our plan for the day was to go hillwalking. I found 3 simple hill walks that were all supposed to take an hour to an hour and a half. However it didn't quite work out that way.

The first walk to the falls of Acharn took us nearly 4 hours. We had forgotten to factor in Cooper looking at every bug and Graham taking a million and one photos.

It stretched our legs well though, the falls were well worth the walk, we met some lovely people and the views over Loch Tay were beautiful.

After our walk, we headed back to the hotel. Unfortunately I had a deadline to meet, so I did some work in our room while Graham and Cooper went swimming in the indoor pool.

In the evening we had dinner in the hotel restaurant. Graham was given plenty of vegan options. He started with a salad and then he had a spicy bean burger with salad and fries.

I started with the roast vegetable salad with mozzarella and a pesto dressing, which I will be recreating at home some time soon. It was delicious.

For my main course I had mushroom ravioli with salad and asparagus. I thought it was odd having salad on the same plate as the ravioli, but it actually helped to cut through the creamy sauce.

It was good, but there was too much ravioli. It's so filling. I had to leave some so I would have room for dessert. I went for my favourite creme brulee, which came with fingers of shortbread. Mmmmmm! Although I couldn't finish that either.

Cooper plumped for potato wedges with dip and then macaroni, which should have come with peas, but unfortunately came with fries. Although he was getting tired at this point he mustered some energy for ice cream. I have to say the waiting staff were very good.

For Scottish recipes have a look at my recipe index of Scottish Recipes for Vegans and Vegetarians

The next morning it was up for breakfast, a quick pack and then we took time to feed the ducks before we set off. We stopped in Aberfeldy for their Sunday market.

I bought some smoked cheese, some fresh sourdough bread, a rhubarb pie and some chocolate.

I have to mention chocolate.

Cooper was already at the stall having an education on chocolate from the kind lady manning the stall when I got there. She was delighted with Cooper as it was the really, really dark chocolate he liked. That always seems to surprise people.

The chocolate was from Charlotte Flower Chocolates and it has to be some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted.

We bought a bag of thin patterned shards of Grenada 82% single origin organic chocolate. It is rich and fruity, but dry at the same time. The flavour is immense.

We stopped for a walk on the way home and at home I made us a batch of my Green Smoothie Soup, which we enjoyed with some of the sourdough bread.

A bit of unpacking, then a lazy day playing with Cooper.

What a great weekend. We are planning on returning to the Moness resort again, we thought we might take my parents next time and try one of the 3 bedroom cottages in the resort.

We booked our break through Travel Zoo who offer holidays, mini breaks, days out and entertainment at bargain prices. 

You can search by type of deal or search locally, ie Scotland, which is what we did. It's a great site. The deals change all the time, but I'm hoping they'll feature the Moness Resort again.
Our package was only £99 for the three of us, That was accommodation, breakfast and use of the leisure facilities for 2 nights.

A brilliant deal for a 4 star hotel. I'll be checking the site regularly for cheap weekend breaks. You can't beat a walking weekend in Scotland.

Disclosure: I visited Moness Resort on behalf of Travel Zoo. We paid for our own evening meal. I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Your country is so beautiful, I'd love to travel there one day!

    1. It is beautiful. I have to agree with you there Emma. I hope you get a chance to visit sometime.

  2. That looks like such a wonderful holiday! And that's such a sweet picture of Cooper sitting on the rock.

  3. What a beautiful place to visit, and what great weather you had for exploring the countryside. Good finds for food photography projects too - I always am amazed at how much better value things seem to be the further north I go!

    1. Yes you are right there Chloe, it definitely gets dearer as you move down the country. It was a gorgeous area and well worth the trip.

  4. What a beautiful weekend. Idyllic really. And a great price too! Glad you got the weather for it :) I'm with Cooper - the chocolate stand would have been the first place I headed!

    1. Hehe, that chocolate stand was well worth heading straight for. Gorgeous stuff!

  5. What a WONDERFUL weekend and such FAB photos too Jac! I feel I have been there with you, and enjoyed the scenery and all the wonderful markets and food! Karen

  6. Stunning scenery and really makes me want to visit. Lovely to see you happy, relaxed holiday snaps :-)

    1. Thanks Ren, it's a lovely area to visit. lots of little villages and loads of really scenic walks.

  7. Gorgeous pictures - looks like you all had a fabulous weekend - that market looks fantastic, there are not enough good markets these days - I would have been tempted by the sourdough bread too.

    1. It wasn't a big market, but a good one Lorna and such a lovely village.

  8. What a fun weekend for all of you! The food looks great, especially the bread. Cooper is the best and those are some great boots! We've seen a lot of Europe but sadly, didn't get the chance to visit Scotland and really want to! It has to be beautiful with it's amazing scenery. Thanks for the tour, I really enjoyed it!

    1. Ahhh that is a shame Pam. Still if you do come this way, give me a shout.


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