Vegetarian Bookmarked Recipes to Try

Bookmarked Recipes: a monthly event to encourage food bloggers to revisit the recipes they've bookmarked from magazines, newspapers, cookbooks. websites and blogs, to try them out and post about them.

Another great collection of bookmarked recipes this month. I hope they inspire you.

Bookmarked Recipes #35

Recipe #1

Chef: Corina

Recipe bookmarked from:  Foodbod

Recipe #2

Chef: Janet

Blog: The Taste Space

Recipe bookmarked from:  Edible Perspective

Recipe #3

Chef: Juliane

Blog: Style Nectar

Recipe bookmarked from:?

Recipe #4

Chef: Janet

Blog: The Taste Space

Recipe bookmarked from: Lisa's Kitchen

Recipe #5

Chef: Rose

Blog: Tortadirose

Recipe bookmarked from: ?

Recipe #6

Chef: Lisa

Recipe bookmarked from:  Utterly Scrummy Food

Recipe #7

Chef: Janet

Blog: The Taste Space

Recipe bookmarked from:  Anja's Food for Thought

Recipe #8

Chef: Mijn

Blog: Naturelle

Recipe bookmarked from:  ?

Recipe #9

Chef: Kate

Recipe bookmarked from:  I'd much rather bake than

Recipe #10

Chef: Lisa

Blog: Lisa's Kitchen

Recipe bookmarked from:  Veg Inspirations

Recipe #11

Chef: Shaheen

Recipe bookmarked from:  Secrets from a Vegetarian Kitchen

Recipe #12

Chef: Lorna

Recipe bookmarked from:  The 1940's Experiment

July's Bookmarked Recipes is now open for business.
If you would like to add a post, just go to the linky at the bottom of this post.

  • Please remember that bookmarked recipes must be suitable for vegetarians.
  • Please link to this post and state where you bookmarked your recipe from. 
  • Up to three entries per blog. 
  • You can find the guidelines, current challenge and past roundups here
  • Bookmarked Recipes July will be open until Sunday 27 July 2014. 

For all the latest foodie challenges and giveaways, head over to The Food Blog Diary. The diary is updated throughout the month, so do be sure to check regularly.


  1. As always lots to tempt us. I am esp. liking the Avocado Brownies and those cheazy steak fries - making me a bit peckish now and its nearly time for bed. Thanks for hosting, hope to participate again next month.

    1. Oh yes me too, those are great recipes. Good night Shaheen.

  2. Many delicious sweet this month!!! Thank you Jacqueline! :)

  3. So many gorgeous recipes! I feel those cinnamon sugar mini muffin doughnuts calling me...

  4. Ack, something happened to your beautiful post, Jacqui. I only see recipe 3 now. :(

    1. How odd, it is showing fine here. I wonder if it's the browser you are using. Strange. Let me know if you have further problems Janet and what browser you are using.

    2. This new browser is fine.. who knows!!

  5. Some great dishes, I've already bookmarked the Roasted Carrot Hummus. Will be linking up later this week.

    1. I make a carrot hummus, it is rather good Janice, you should definitely give it a go.

  6. Sorry I've been AWOL for so long but I'm back with a really delicious dish to make up for it!


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