New in my Kitchen #14

This is where I like to share my new kitchen discoveries.  

I have a thing about white wine. I either go for the cheapest German, which I know will be an easy drinker or I like my white wine expensive. I've had too many bad white wines in between. One of my all time favourite wines is Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc.unfortunately it's went up quite steeply in price and you are lucky to get a bottle for less than £12. I tend to avoid Chardonnay like the plague, until I tried this Tussock Jumper.  It's soft , but big on flavour. I really don't like a sharp white, so this was the perfect wine for me. I'll be looking out for it and can highly recommend it.

Price: £35.97 for a case of three
Score: 9/10
Manic Organic are a range of pressed fruit and vegetable juices. They don't contain concentrates, flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives. They come in 4 flavours - Apple & Cherry, Orange & Carrot, Pear & Ginger and Pineapple & Lime. I always prefer fresh juice, but if I was out and about I might buy one of these. Although not the orange and carrot, which I assumed would be my favourite, but I actually didn't like. The pear & ginger wold be the flavour I'd go for.
Price: £1.49
Score: 7/10 (carrot and orange 4/10) 

I have the most gorgeous new shopping bag. It's a patterned shopper from The Camouflage Company and comes with another wee shoulder bag that can be used inside the shopper to keep your purse, phone and bits and pieces in or it can be used on it's own. I love the floral pattern, the fact it's wipe clean and nice and spacious. Much prettier than the hemp supermarket bags I usually use. The site also does nifty kitchen storage in a range of colours and patterns.
Price £16.39 (was £20.50)
Score 10/10 

I mostly use rapeseed oil to cook with now. It's healthier than olive oil, which I now keep for salad dressings. This single pressed cold rapeseed oil spray from Fussels and endorsed by Lesley Waters is a handy thing to have if you are trying to cut down on the calories. It only has 2 calories per spray. I keep it at arms reach.

Price: £5 for one bottle, £8 for two bottles and £20 for six bottles
Score 10/10
If you know me at all, you will know that I love jelly sweets. That I would choose them over chocolate any day. It was the one thing I missed when I turned veggie and I have been on the search for the perfect gummies since then. I like M&S Peppa Pig, but they are really soft, they don't have that chew, I quite like Goody Good Stuff, especially the sours, but Tesco have got it spot in with these gummies, they have the chew and the flavour and they come in nice little bags so I don't over indulge.
Price: 3 bags for £1
Score 10/10

Fentimans sent me a selection of their botanically brewed soft drinks to try. Unfortunately the  Curiosity Cola came to a sticky end before it got to me.  
The Pink Lemonade was very pleasant, but it was the Ginger Beer that got my attention. Absolutely delicious with a little kick. Oh yes, that is the one for me!

7. Veg Amore Tofu Pasta Sauce

We've been enjoying a few organic sauces from Mr Organic. They do a great pesto that is suitable for vegans and they also bulk up their pasta sauces with extra goodness by adding seitan or tofu. We particularly like the Veg Amore Tofu Pasta Sauce. Good flavour.

Price:£2.49 (Ocado)
Score 9/10 

Price: £1.50
Score 8/10 

My new blender is the bees knees! I love it. It's a handsome chap with muscles. He blends soups, chops vegetables, makes sauces, ice cream and curd. He froths up smoothies, makes dairy free nut milks and nut butters (a much healthier option than bought peanut butter) and whips up desserts, he'll even pulverise some rocks if you ask him to. 

If you've been longing for a Vitamix, forget that completely. This beauty is more powerful, cheaper and you don't need a separate jug to grind coffee beans, nuts and seeds.

It's big in Australia, but new to the UK. It comes with an optional 10 year warranty and is available now at an introductory offer of £329. Readers of my blog can get an extra £20 off by using this link and the code TinnedTomatoesJuly14

Price £329 (£309 for Tinned Tomatoes readers with the code)
Score 20/10
Disclosure: I was sent some of these items for review and some I bought myself. I was not expected to write positive reviews and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I've determined that the dandelion/burdock Fentiman's is an acquired taste, but you do feel so virtuous drinking it as a spring tonic. I haven't had the orange or the shandy, and indeed, the lemonades are very nice, but the Ginger Beer is my ALL-TIME fave. This is one product I DEARLY wish were more easily located in the states.

    1. Yes the dandelion and burdock is an aquired taste, but the ginger beer is wonderful.

  2. great reviews, i love the look of the lemonade

  3. Veggie sweets that are alphabet shaped? That's a win win combination! I'll have to track those down soon.

    I love Fentiman's Curiosity Cola and their CherryTree Cola but I didn't realise they had so many other varieties. The Ginger Beer sounds lovely :)

    1. I'll have to go in search of the cola, since mine didn't make it and yes go find the sweets, lovely little packs of yumminess.

  4. Ooooh! That Blender! *sigh* It's so beautiful! Love Fentimans Lemonade - so tasty. I always get it if they serve it at a cafe - love the natural flavours.

    1. I know the blender is wonderful. Yes, I would go for that too, or the ginger beer.

  5. Chris and I love Fentimans drinks, he prefers the lemonade and I love the ginger beer!

    I am so excited about that blender... Mine is en-route and should be here tomorrow. Squeeeeeeeeee!

    1. I like both and yes I see you have it and have tried it already.

  6. I've had fentiman's burdock and dandelion drink which was amazing - and I looked into that blender earlier in the year when I was determined to buy one but since then my resolve has wavered - so it is heartening to see your review

  7. I have been tempted to try rapeseed oil, but not sure yet... How would you recommend to use it?


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