New in my Kitchen #15

This is where I like to share my new kitchen discoveries.  

Like shortbread? Then you will love these buttery Scottish shortbread shapes from Walkers. 
Very topical too after the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony with all those cute scottie dogs. My parents eyes lit up when they saw this tin. Needless to say they are working their way through it. 
The packs are much better value, but the tins make a great gift. I'll keep my tin for homemade biscuits. 

Price: £7.50 tin or 110g pack £1.80
Score 9/10 

2. Golden Kiwi

I haven't tried golden kiwi before now. The lovely yellow colour would look good on top of meringue with cream or a salad.  I thought they were slightly sweeter, but tasted very similar to standard kiwi. I think I would only choose this one for the colour to be honest.

Price: Various
Score 7/10

I got this gorgeous tray from dotcomgiftshop. They have a variety of vintage trays in their garden party collection. Quite frankly I wanted most of what was in that collection, from paper straws to bunting and tea light holders. You will be noticing this tray popping up in my photos soon. Love it! Watch this space.

Price: £14.95
Score 10/10 

Shaken Udder surprised me with a parcel of milkshakes. They've sent Cooper some of their milkshakes before, which he loves, but this time there were some more grown up shakes for me to enjoy too. Loved this vanilla one made with fresh vanilla beans. Fresh and free of nasties. Nice!

Price: £1.29 (Tesco)
Score: 9/10 

A special summer edition of the much loved popcorn brand Butterkist. Rather good. It tastes a bit like strawberry milkshake. Good for movie night.

Price: £1.49 (Tesco)
Score 8/10

6. Turkish plate and bowls 

I bought these beautiful plates when I was on holiday in North Cyprus. The north of Cyprus is Turkish and the wee side street shop I visit every year, bring goods over from Turkey. Lots of the most amazing lamps as well as crockery. I could go crazy in that shop.

Price: Various
Score 10/10
If I want a bit of a quick meal or a treat, I always head to M&S. I've recently been enjoying their Tapas range and particularly like their garlic mushrooms and their Patatas Bravas with Alioli.
Another favourite from M&S are their quiches. I like homemade quiche but never seem to have the time, so Markies is my go to quiche shop. Can't stand the quiche in a certain other supermarket. I always wonder how they get it so wrong.
Anyway I tend to go for a mushroom or vegetable quiche (Cooper's likes Lidl's cheese and onion, which doesn't have bits) unless they have a new flavour that catches my attention. I loved their new slow roasted tomato, feta and spinach quiche. It's just a small one, but really tasty. Although they do a large version on their Food to Go website where you can order online and pick up in store. The large version of this is £15, but serves 10.
  • Garlic Mushrooms (130g) £2.50
  • Handcrafted Slow Roasted Tomato, Feta and Spinach Quiche (400g) £5
  • Patatas Bravas with Alioli (195g) £2.50
Score 10/10

Have you had any new discoveries in your kitchen or have you tried any of these?

Disclosure: I was sent the first 5 products to review. I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Oh. Those. DISHES.
    I LOVE Turkish/Cypriot tiling and design and those are beautiful dishes. *envy*

    1. Me too Tanita. There were so many styles and designs to choose from but I thought these would show off food best.

  2. Those bowls are gorgeous Jac - makes me feel a trip to Turkey is needed. And those Scottie dogs are really cute.

  3. Love those turkish plates and bowls - so pretty!

  4. Love those Walker's Scotties. Great plates and dishes, it's so fab when you can bring back items like those and recall the memories each time you use them. GG

    1. I know, well until I drop them which I am prone to do or knock them of the end of a table. Did I tell you how clumsy I am?

  5. Love turkish pottery and those cute doggy shaped biscuits ;) I tried yellow kiwi from Lidl ones and it was slighlty sweeter than normal one it probably depends of the type :)

    1. It was quite sweet and I did like the colour of the kiwi.

  6. Some nice items there. I'd definitely like the golden kiwi if they're a touch sweeter as I have a notoriously sweet tooth!

  7. I love the summer range from M&S big time. And I am desperate to try some olden kiwi'. seen them but never had them before.


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