Last Minute Christmas Gifts - Cookbooks


Cookbooks make great gifts. They are a good present for those who are learning to cook, those who are trying to improve their skills and need new ideas and those who like to browse through them and  imagine they could cook like that.

I think we all do a bit of cookbook drooling, but which to choose for a gift? Here is a my gift guide. Hopefully there is something in here for everybody.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook 
by Angela Liddon

This was a gift from my good friend Tanita and has to be my favourite cookbook of the year. It's a collection of 100 vegan recipes, but they are the kind of vegan recipes I like to cook. Lots of satisfying family dishes with no weird ingredients and believe me vegan cookbooks can be full of them and I just find it unappealing. I prefer to cook vegan food from fresh ingredients and it seems Angela has the same feelings about it.

The chapters are broken into: Breakfast; Smoothies, Juice & Tea; Appetizers; Salads; Soup; Entrees; Sides; Power Snacks; Desserts and Homemade Staples. 

My favourite recipes so far are:
  • Quick and Easy Chana Masala
  • Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes with Easy Mushroom Gravy
  • Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas with Avocado Cream Sauce
  • Flu-Fighter Sunshine Smoothie
Good for:

Those who eat meat free and dairy free or for people who would like to eat a healthier diet. Easy to follow recipes. Mouthwatering photos


by Kay Plunkett-Hogge

I'm currently giving away this book along with another two titles to one lucky reader. I've not made anything from it yet, but I've enjoyed a good browse through it. I think it is going to be very handy for Hogmanay when I'll be whizzing up a few cocktails in my Optimum 9400. Yes I'm a lazy cocktail maker.

The chapters are broken into: Before we begin; The Drinks;  Non-Alcoholic Drinks and The Food (veggie and non-veggie)

The recipes I want to try are:
  • Basil and Mint Lemonade (It's green!)
  • The Gloom Chaser (alcoholic and citrussy)
  • The Zombie (rum, bacardi and tropical juices)
  • The Mojito (a classic)
  • The Life of Rye-Ley (bitters, whisky and champagne or prosecco)
  • Ricotta, Pomegranate & Thyme Bruschetta (munch, crunch)

Good for:

Weekends and parties.


by Natasha Corrett
and Vicki Edgson

I was sent this title a while back to review and after an initial read it got swallowed up by my bookshelf. One of my plans for the new year is to thin out my bookcase and just keep my favourites like this one so they will be used more instead of getting lost among all the others. 

This is another one with mouthwatering photos. This time over 100 healthy veggie and vegan recipes.

The chapters are broken into:

It starts with a few chapters on the authors, the ideas behind the book and some advice on healthy eating as well as meal planners, then it moves on to the recipes.

Breakfast; Starters and Soups; Salads; Mains; Treats and Snacks and Dessert.

The ones I have bookmarked to try first are:
  • 'Cheesey' Kale Chips (vegan)
  • Caramelised Pear and Lentil Salad (vegan)
  • Scrambled Eggs and Baked Portabello Mushrooms with Melted Goat's Cheese
  • Butternut Squash Risotto
  • Banana Toffee Crunch Ice Cream
  • Raw Chocolate Mousse (vegan)
Good for: 

Veggies, vegans and those looking for a healthier diet.


by Rosie Ramsden

I was sent this book to review too. They wanted me to create my own recipes wheel, but I didn't really get the concept and declined. It isn't a book with glossy photos, but is a rather neat little book with watercolour illustrations in muted colours. I am afraid it's a bit meaty, but there are some good veggie recipes too.

The chapters are broken into:

Simple White Bread; Vegetable Soup; Risotto; Roast Chicken; Braised Beef; Poached Fish; Potato Gratin; Wilted Greens; Sponge Cake & Custard.

The Sponge Cake wheel contains:
  • Blackberry and Yoghurt Sponge (no frills)
  • Lemon and Caraway Drizzle Cake (no frills)
  • Upside-Down Plum Cake (night in)
  • Semolina Cardamom Orange Cake (friends)
  • Banana, Hazelnut & Butterscotch Loaf (friends)
  • Chocolate Chunk Vanilla Sponge (creative)
  • Clara's Marmalade Tray Bake (creative)
  • Vanilla Raspberry Cake (impress)
  • Salted Chocolate Pistachio Cake (impress)
  • Brown Sugar Breakfast Cakes (night in)
  • Salted Caramel Crumbs for Ice Cream (leftover)
  • Fig Frangipane (leftover)
Good for:

People looking for lots of ideas on a theme. veggies who don't mind sharing a book with non-veggie recipes and meat-eaters.


by Sarah Al-Hamad

This one is a beautiful coffee table book. The kind you leave around for your visitors to admire. It's much more than that. It's a history of dates around the world. Think sticky toffee pudding and butterscotch sauce, add a bit of travel, snippets of history and the most temptingly beautiful photos.

The chapters are broken into:

Breads and Spreads (The Gulf); Cookies, Brownies and Slices (Liwa);  Date Cakes (Cartmel and Coachella Valley); Puddings, Fudges and Custards (Elche and Andalucia) & Ice Cream, Milkshakes and Stuffed Dates.

Some stand-out dishes:
  • Date and Ricotta Fritters
  • Cranberry and Date Brownies
  • Date and Pomegranate Cake with Pomegranate Syrup
  • Sticky Sponge Cake with a Toffee Sauce
  • Pinwheel Date Shortbreads
Good for:

Bedtime reading, browsing while having a cuppa and for dessert, cake and biscuit lovers.


by Gillian Veal

This is the cookbook of a cafe I love to visit and can highly recommend. It's just a wee cafe in Dundee up behind the University and the seats fill up quickly, but it's definitely the place to head for a great veggie lunch in this fair city. Full of super tasty home-cooked food, the kind you wish you ate at home every night. The cookbook does include some meaty dishes, but the majority are veggie and illustrations rather than glossy photos, but somehow that doesn't matter and I love this book!

The chapters are broken into: Breakfast, Brunch & Eggs; Breads & Sandwiches; Soups; Salads & Mezze; Tarts & Pastried; Mains; Dressings, Sauces & Flavourings and Sweet Things.

Recipes to make today, tomorrow and the rest of the week:
  • Vegetable and Apricot Tagine
  • Butternut Squash and Feta Empanadillas
  • Fig, Gorgonzola and Rocket Tart
  • Roasted Carrot, Pepper and Smoked Paprika Soup
  • Griddled Bread with Chargrilled Halloumi, Roasted Vine Tomatoes and Sauteed Spinach
  • Pear, Cinnamon and Almond Cake
  • Banana Bread with Coconut and Toasted Nuts
Good for:

Simple, but delicious vegetarian recipes.

I'm giving this cookbooks away as well as two other to one lucky reader. Check out all my Christmas giveaways on my sidebar.


  1. These all look great. I read cookbooks like novels and always have a pile beside my bed xxx

    1. Haha you are just like me then Fran. Will Santa be bringing you some then?

  2. I love looking at cookbooks - but I have too many I haven't used - I really need a to do list of recipes to try - I have managed to make quite a few recipes from the Isa Does It cookbook which I highly recommend. This list of books really has me wanting to head out to the shops to buy for myself (sadly those I am buying gifts for would mostly not appreciate them nearly as much as me)

    1. Ah well we food bloggers do like reading cookbooks. I'll have a look out for that one. Thanks Johanna and have a great Christmas.

  3. I love the sound of that Oh She Glows book - I've heard really good things about it. Some interesting titles in this collection!

    1. It's a good one Elizabeth, well worth purchasing or asking Santa for :)

  4. I've had a lifelong obsession with cookbooks and I can't see it ending anytime soon. Some great recommendations here - thanks x

  5. I've finished buying gifts for other people but these looks really good and I reckon I'll pick up one or two for myself ;)

    Morag x

    1. I think you should Morag, a Christmas present to yourself :)

  6. These all look lovely. I am trying to curb my recipe book buying habit though..... :-)

    1. I know what you mean Helen. I am about to have a cookbook cull!

  7. I agree about the Oh She Glows Cookbook, it's so good! A lot of vegan cookooks are full of bizarre ingredients but this one's really accessible :)

    1. That's exactly how I feel Becca and a lot are full of artificial ingredients too, which really jars with a healthy lifestyle. I just don't get it.

  8. I am such a sucker for cookbooks. I've tried hard to be abstemious most of my life, but now I'm a food blogger, I think it's fair game. I like the sound of the date book and your veggie cafe one sounds good too.

  9. I have so many cookbooks that one of my shelves collapsed! Still tempted by these though!

    1. Oh dear. I fear I may face the same fate if I don't cull soon. I'm thinking of taking some into work and put the charity collection bottle beside them.

  10. The Sun Bread and Sticky Toffee book looks interesting!

    1. It's a really beautiful book Margot and really interesting recipes.

  11. This post reminds me I need to re-stock my cook book collection - quite a few here added to my wish list. Have a good one, Jac x

  12. I need to stop buying cookbooks - but this post is making it too tempting.


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