No Croutons Required - February 2015

I can't believe it's February already. I feel like Christmas was only a few weeks ago. I'm a little late, but it's time to announce No Croutons Required.

I'm still trying to eat more soups and drinking more smoothies, to perk up my health and to lose weight. If you haven't heard me talking about it, it's called Jumpstart 2015. No calorie counting, just sensible eating and boosting your 5-a-day. If you haven't already, do join me.

Now back to the challenge.

  1. Create a vegetarian or vegan soup or salad and blog it.
  2. Link to this announcement post and link my co-host Lisa at Lisa's Kitchen.
  3. You may use the logo if you like, but we won't be upset if you don't.
  4. Add your link to the linky at the end of this post.
  5. Wait until the end of the month for a roundup of some splendid soups and salads.
I look forward to seeing all your entries.


  1. Woop woop! I've never been FIRST before :-D
    Looking forward to seeing everyone's soups this month - it is most definitely the weather for them.
    H x.

  2. Thanks for the party, I have added "Beetroot salad".


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