Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead

It's Monday and time for some veggie inspiration for the week ahead.

How's your week been? It's been rather hectic here. Work, school, dog walking, blogging, freelance writing, housework, homework, cooking, shopping and my husband decided to tear down the shed, even though we don't have another to replace it. *sigh*

Still it's time to plan for the week ahead.

Green Gourmet Giraffe


How to Cook Good Food


The Taste Space


The Gluten Free Alchemist


Tin and Thyme


Lisa's Kitchen


Veggie Desserts

I hope you've been inspired to try some new recipes this week.

Here are a few extra ideas to get you through the week.

Baked Asparagus - Herbs, Spices and Traditions
Persian Halloumi - Fab Food 4 All
Huevos Rancheros - Hungry Healthy Happy

Thanks to everyone who contributed this week.


  1. Sounds like you've had a busy week! Loving the look of those pizza tacos!!

    1. Yes a very busy week. I live my life on fast forward, well it feels like that anyway. I agree with you about those tacos!

    2. What a lot of fabulous entries, hopefully I'll have another one for you next week as hubby insisted we have a "MeatFreeMonday" tonight after seeing your logo yesterday:-) Boo to Graham taking your shed down, my hubby recently replaced our shed roof with son, at one point the new felt blew off but son helped and all was well in the end!

    3. Could you send them up here to help Camilla? I'm not feeling very hopeful about the new shed going up well.

  2. I could get into this Meat Free Mondays. Tonight I had spicy Dahl & brown rice without even thinking. Although not the most photogenic of dishes, I hope to send you in something else soon. Thanks for including my Korean pancakes :)

    1. Oh I love dal, but seem to always have to have it with toasted wholemeal pitta, must have it with rice soon.

  3. Great round up Jac. Everything looks delicious! Need to add my latest one! Tore down your shed?! Boys and their toys eh?!

    1. Boys, yes you are right he is just a not quite grown up boy sometimes :)

  4. That Baked Risotto looks divine! Will definitely be giving it a try next week!

  5. These all sound delicious. Trying hard to eat more veggie dishes x

  6. Really pleased to discover this! I'm a veggie with kids who don't like vegetables! Lovely to get some new ideas for meals for our family.

  7. Fab ideas here! Just added my tortellini skewers.


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