12 Veggie and Vegan Salads to try this month - No Croutons Required

Fattoush Salad

July is here and the sun has come with it, so you won't be surprised that all the entries for June's No Croutons Required are salads. Not a single soup in sight. I do however have 12 delicious salads for you to try.

I'm starting off with a filling bowlful of Fattoush Salad served in the garden with a glass of white wine. This droolworthy salad comes from Charlotte's Lively Kitchen.

The Best Summer Pasta Salad 

I contributed what I called The Best Summer Pasta Salad and I stand by that. It's colourful, filling, fresh and packed with flavours. So good.

Mixed Salads

Apricots are the star of the show in the first of these three mixed salads. This Bulgur Wheat, Apricot and Chickpea Salad was thrown together over at Caroline Makes. I bet the apricots really made the flavours zing.

The second is a real comfort salad that's really filling and so tasty.  Lentils and potatoes are coated in homemade green harissa and served with charred cauliflower 'steaks'. This tempting recipe can be found over at Allotment 2 Kitchen.

The third mixed salad is a Moroccan Couscous Salad from Eating, Enhanced. Couscous, raisins, chickpeas, spices and lemon juice. Fresh, healthy and delicious!


Our next salad is something a bit different. A Mexican Barbecued Salad Platter with Avocado, Pomegranate and Feta Guacamole from Food to Glow. This is one for the BBQ and great for this hot weather. Sweet potatoes and corn are grilled on the BBQ and then topped with all sorts of gorgeousness. The grilled kale leaves were a last minute trial and were superb.

This hearty threesome starts with restaurant style mint sauce and onions salad and my mouth is actually watering thinking about it. This side comes from We Don't Eat Anything with a Face.

The second is a Moroccan Pearl Barley Salad from Chardonnay and Samphire.  Pearl barley, chickpeas, sundried tomatoes and walnuts with spices.  This is one flavourful dish.

The third is a Quinoa Corn Vegan Bhel from Healthy Eats for All. I have to admit I'd never heard of bhel before. Bhel, or Bhelpuri. Manpreet kindly explaines that it's a popular street food in India made with bhel mix – a mixture of puffed rice & bhujiya (savoury chickpea flour noodles). Sounds delicious!

Asparagus Salads

Next up we are featuring two very different asparagus salads. The first is a Sweet and Salty Tahini Asparagus and Quinoa Salad from The Taste Space. I do love the flavours in this one. As Janet says a unique combination with a touch of simple.

The second is a twist on a potato salad from Lisa's Kitchen. Potatoes and asparagus in an avocado, dill and mustard dressing. Doesn't that sound good? A great vegan potato salad.

Our last salad is a real beauty. Teff Salad with Sprouted Beans, Pea Shoots and Wild Garlic. Another vegan salad, this time from Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.  Elizabeth was lucky enough to find some wild garlic to harvest for her salad, something I haven't managed to do so far.

Well that's them. A dozen gorgeous Summer salad. Visit the blogs, drool over the salads, say hi and add them to your weekly to-do list, then head over to Lisa's Kitchen, where Lisa will be hosting the July No Croutons Required challenge.

Thanks to everyone who contributed this month.


  1. Lovely ideas here Jac. I tend to make batches of tabbouleh as a base and then go from there. Easy and fast which is exactly what's needed in this heat.

  2. Lots of amazing ideas!! I really like this roasted salad from Food To Glow, I'm intrigued by the roasted kale leaves :)

  3. So many tasty looking salads here, perfect for this heatwave because I really don't feel like cooking!

  4. some gorgeous ideas here - love the couscous ingredients. Must start making salads more again. Have got into a bit of a sandwich rut!

  5. I love Fatoush especially when sprinkled with pomegranate seeds yummm! Lovely ideas, I eats loads of salads in the summer!

  6. Lovely ideas - really don't feel like cooking when it's so humid.

  7. A fantastic round up. Now which one do I start with?

  8. What a great round up. I particular love the sound of Lisa's potato salad. Off to have a proper look at it now - bye!

  9. Wow so many goodies to chose from! Great round up. Love the sound of the Mexican barbecued platter and lisa's potato salad. Pinned.


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