Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (17 August 2015)

It's Monday and time to plan some recipes for the week ahead, if you haven't already done so.

Meal planning is basic here this week as I'm sitting in bed with a rather nasty chest infection. So it's all down to what my hubby can manage.

Last night we had well cooked vegan sausages on rolls (buns) with mustard and relish and it was rather good. What he can accomplish the rest of the week, I'm not so sure. Oh and did I tell you that our oven conked out and we're waiting for another one, so no oven either. Sods law really. Still, I'm hoping to feel much better after a couple of days of antibiotics and steroids.

Back to the recipes. They are as droolworthy as ever, so get your notepad ready for the ingredients. Just click on the links or photos for the recipes. My featured photo this week comes from Sophia from Veggies Don't Bite. A rather pretty photo of some spiralised courgette (zucchini).


Chickpea Cucumber Mini Pita Pizzas

Toaster Oven Love


Chilli Peanut Vietnamese Rolls

The Veg Space


Strawberry and Smoky Chickpea Salad

Green Gourmet Giraffe


Smoky Pinto Bean Tostadas

Veggie Inspired


Easy Tofu in Satay Sauce

A Virtual Vegan


Enchilada Noodles

Veggies Don't Bite


Jamaican Spiced Plantain and Tofu Skewers

The Taste Space

More inspiration? 

Here are some bonus recipes:
Garlicky Butternut Squash Soup

I hope this left you all inspired for the week ahead.

Thanks to everyone who contributed a recipe. 

If you're a blogger and would like to be featured next week. Link up your veggie or vegan recipe to this post and add your post to the linky below (one per blog). If you're a reader, tune in next Monday for another seven delicious veggie and vegan recipes to help you plan your week.


  1. I am IN LOVE with my spiralizer. I've gone through TWO already. It's insane.

    1. I know what you mean, I too have fallen hard for my spiralizer :)

    2. I need to find mine, I was sent one and don't know what the heck I've done with it.

  2. Going with a dessert this week, hope that's ok. I realize most desserts don't contain meat anyway.

    1. It won't be a featured recipe as it's not a main course, but it will make a great bonus recipe.

  3. Some great looking recipes here! Thanks for featuring my Tostadas!

  4. This is my first time linking up, thanks for hosting :) The recipes you picked form last week look fab :)

  5. Thanks for hosting this link up and including my Pita Pizzas. Can't wait to try these tasty looking recipes!

  6. There are some fabulous recipes this week and thank you for featuring my Easy Tofu In Satay Sauce!

  7. Mmmm a fantastic collection of recipes! I love the look of that pizza!

  8. All recipes look so yummy. I like your weekly posts a lot.

  9. Thank you for including my Lentil Shepherd's Pie!
    I'm definitely going to try out the Satay Tofu :-)

    Stephanie Jane

  10. Mmmmm the pinto bean tostadas look amazing :O
    I'm looking for good recipes to make ahead and freeze for easy school lunch prep! The enchiladas could be a good pick.

  11. Just saw that you featured the photo of my salad - goodness I am behind but hope you are feeling better by now at least


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