Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (12 October 2015)

It's Monday again and time for another round of Meat Free Mondays and more recipes to tempt you with.

I hope you've all had a great weekend. Mine was a quiet weekend that started with a dog walk. I did a lot of work online, a bit of housework, soup making, sock pairing, lego-making and movie time. It was great to have a lazy weekend actually after being away in London and Barcelona the last two weekends. They were great weeeknds, don't get me wrong, but very, very tiring.

Cooper is off school now for the October holiday,  but he'll be playing at his childminder's house for the next couple of days as I'm at work. We have a dog date with friends at our local country park on Wednesday and we're planning on making cupcakes together sometime too, then he'll be off to stay with my parents at the weekend. I have some proper time off with him next week.

Enough with the chit chat, you'll be ready for some recipe inspiration.


A Virtual Vegan


Eat Healthy Eat Happy


The Veg Space


Tinned Tomatoes


Veggie Desserts


Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary


Harvest Vegetable Bake
The Lovin' Forkful

And a few bonus recipes:


  1. Hi, I saw you retweeted a recipe for pupkin hummus and I wondered what your thoughts are on using UK supermarket pumpkin for cooking? It always looks fresh and healthy? Would love to know your thoughts!

    1. Yes they always seem fine. I prefer the sweetness of butternut squash though.

  2. Enjoy your holidays - I feel like I haven't posted a meal for ages as we have been in holiday mode - trying to get back into routine - hard to believe we are only 1 week into term 4 here! love all the meatless mondays inspiration

    1. Thanks, it will just be a few days, but time for some fun.

  3. I've just got back from my holidays in the South of France, so hope you have a good one. Thanks for hosting Meat Free Mondays.


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