Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (18 July 2016)

You may have noticed it's been a couple of weeks since the last Meat Free Monday. We've been on holiday in Cyprus where my husband's parents live. Lot of sun, swimming, reading, being bitten by bugs (you should see the state of my legs) and enjoying so much ripe, run-down-your-chin juicy fruit. Just look at that side of the road fruit and veg market. I wish we had these in Scotland. The selection was fabulous and none of it looked like it was picked to soon and a bit peely wally either.

Monday is here, so it's time to look at some tempting veggie dishes from around the world and plan for the week ahead.


Only Cumbs Remain


Natural Kitchen Adventures


A Virtual Vegan


Lisa's Kitchen




Tinned Tomatoes


Everyday Healthy Recipes


Mushroom and Malbec Pate - Big Cook Tiny Kitchen
Vegetarian Picnic Eggs - Tinned Tomatoes

Thanks to everyone who created a recipe for us this week. 


  1. What a fabulous array of fruit and veg in the market Jacqueline, I bet you almost felt like a kid in a sweet shop :-) Great round up too - so many dishes have caught my eye. Thank you for including my arancinis too,
    Angela x

    1. I did but I wasn't cooking so I looked on in longing. Thanks for submitting you dish, I am about to go and share it.

  2. Yum! Looks like a delicious selection. Sounds like you had a fab holiday in Cyprus. Love the markets you find on holiday so much. We are going to the South of France this year...hoping to find some good markets there!! :-) Eb x

  3. Fantastic ideas for a vegetarian week ahead! Deliciousness!

  4. Ooh those pies Jac. How I want one now. Thanks for giving us another Meat Free Monday treat.

  5. Love the recipes for the week, the arancinis and those pies look delicious. Hope you have a fab holiday Jac.


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