5 Veggie Soups and Salads for Autumn

Autumn brings in heartier flavours full of colour and taste. Don't you just love each new season with all the new fruit and vegetables it brings?  I do. I love eating with the seasons. Seasonal fruit and vegetables are always at their best and at their cheapest too.

I hope you try some of these dishes. They are all excellent Autumnal dishes for these cooler days.

5 Autumnal Soups and Salads

Cauliflower, Parsnip and Camembert Soup

find the recipe at Green Gourmet Giraffe

Rainbow Root Vegetable Salad 
with Red Currant Vinaigrette

find the recipe at The VegHog

Israeli Salad

find the recipe at Healthy Eats for All

Slow Cooker Veggie Enchilada Soup

find the recipe at The Taste Space

Fridge Lentil Salad

find the recipe at Tinned Tomatoes

These recipes were submitted to No Croutons Required by food bloggers from around the world. No Croutons Required is a monthly veggie soup and salad challenge open to bloggers. It is hosted by myself and my good friend Lisa over at Lisa's Kitchen. We take turns hosting and this month Lisa has the honour. We hope the dishes we curate each month will inspire our readers to try something new while promoting just how exciting vegetarian and vegan food can be starting with simple soups and salads.


  1. Thanks for the round up Jac - now I feel like I need to go and make soup for tea

    1. Thanks and that's ok. It's a bit chilly here so I am thinking soup would be great too.

  2. The flowers in the first one look so cute omg! thanks for sharing <3

    Abigail Alice x

  3. The flowers on top of that cauliflower soup are just gorgeous! I've never used edible flowers but they look so effective.

    1. I know, not enough of us use them. It does finish a dish off nicely.

  4. Thank you very much for the round up, these all look delicious! :)

  5. They all sound and look fabulous. Perfect for chilly autumn weather! :)

  6. Gorgeous dishes and particularly loving the presentation of the soup. Must remember to enter this challenge:-)

    1. Lisa is hosting this month if you'd like to submit a recipe Camilla/


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