Christmas Gift Guide for Vegetarians

Christmas shopping.

Love it or hate it, it has to be done. I usually know what I'm getting my friends and family pretty early on. Not this year. I have a few presents, but need to get my thinking hat on quickly. I find men the hardest to buy for.

My gift guide is for everyone, not just men, although there will be some gifts that will suit them. Some of the things in my gift guide I have tried or own and others I'm just lusting after. Everything of course is veggie friendly.


Estelle Stemless Wine Glass - Anthropologie  £10
These are definitely on my wish list. They are just gorgeous!

Pastroral Napkin Set - Anthropologie  £26 (set of 4)
Cotton napkins with a watercolour design on them will perk up the dinner table. They'd look particularly good on a white tablecloth.

Moonlit Forest Dessert Plate - Anthropology  £16
Choose from owl, dear or bunny illustrations on these original dessert plates.


Perez Cruz - Virgin Wines was £19.99 now  £12.99
A full bodied Chilean red wine that's very easy to drink and works well with heavy winter meals.

Hope Springs - Virgin Wines  £8.99
This viognier is a dry white wine but it has a fresh citrussy flavour. Perfect to serve while chatting to friends.

Ca'Marina Prosecco -Virgin Wines was £12.99 now  £10.99
I couldn't leave out a Prosecco. I much prefer it to Champagne. This one is light and fruity and perfect to serve on Christmas day.

Small Gadgets

Spiralizing has been such a big trend, but most spiralizers are huge things that take up a lot of counter room, this one is small and hand-held.

Garlic Grater Set - Ginger & Garlic Grater Ltd  £12
Still one of my favourite bits of kitchen kit and this is where I bought mine after breaking the first one which was a gift. You wet the plate, rub the clove over it and it literally dissolves into a paste, which you brush into the pot with the brush, then pop everything in the dishwasher.

Diablo Toasted Snack Maker - Amazon  £16.95
I saw a picture of one of these which reminded me we had one somewhere. We use it to make little pizza pockets, like little toasties on top of the cooker, but you can use it on the BBQ too. It makes fun little snacks for kids and big kids.


These gorgeous condiment pots could be used for mayo, mustard or jam, but they would actually be great for individual desserts and bircher muesli. You will see these appearing on my blog!

Fox Pot Stand - Baking Time Club  £12
A lot more fun than your average trivet. A wooden fox that will look great beside the cooker.

Millie Marotta Dipping Bowls - MeldHome  £22
I love the designs on this set of three china bowls. They are very retro with a modern twist.  They are 11 cm in diameter and are dishwasher friendly.

Large Gadgets

No-Mess Waffle Maker - Sage £99.95
Waffles are great for breakfast, but the whole process can be messy, this one has a channel around the edge to catch any drips or excess batter. You can waffle so many different things. Go on google it!

Optimum 9400 Power Blender - Froothie  £299 (was £399)
This is the one thing I couldn't live without. I use it nearly every day to make smoothies, soups, pesto, hummus, burger mix, dips, curd, crushing ice and cocktails. 

Froothie have given me a good to use for free delivery on their products, just add AMBASSADOR FREE DELIVERY 1405 to the comment box. The amount will be credited back to your card.

Custom Loaf Pro - Sage  £249.95
I love this bread maker. It releases goodies into the dough as it is worked and the paddle withdraws during the process so you don't have a huge hole in the bottom. It's easy to use with the digital panel too. This is one I haven't packed away and forgotten about.


British Cassis - White Heron Drinks 500ml  £20 (200ml £12.50 & 50ml £5)
This stuff is glorious. It's a liqueur made from blackcurrants. Serve it over ice, in vodka, in prosecco or champagne. I'll be serving it with prosecco at Christmas.

Rhubarb Vodka - Craved 375ml  £16
Over ice, that's all it needs. Yes you can add it to a cocktail or serve it with lemonade, but I say over ice! Oh how I love rhubarb.

Edinburgh Raspberry Gin - Amazon 50cl  £18
I'm not keen on normal gin, the flavoured ones are more to my liking served plain with soda. This one is made from Scottish juniper berries and raspberries. Possibly the best raspberries in the world.


Advent Calendar for Two - Hotel Chocolat  £26
I love this idea. Cooper and I are sharing this one, it will be fun once we've established a side. Go on there's still time & if you buy it a few days late, all the more chocolate each.

Ronnie Reindeer - Thorntons  £6
Thorntons always do good Christmas figures for kids and this year they have Ronnie.

A Dozen Portly Penguins - Hotel Chocolat  £7.50
I may have already opened these and tucked in. Whoops! ps very nice!

I hope you leave inspired with some fresh ideas. Happy Shopping!

Check out my Ultimate Veggie Christmas Guide with all the recipes and tips you could need for a vegetarian or vegan Christmas.

Disclosure: I was sent some of these items to try. I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. I love your gift guide - much better than a lot I see! It makes me think that for Christmas I just want an Athropologie shop to open in the high street near us - I loved browsing there when in edinburgh but I don't think they are in oz - those napkins are gorgeous! And I really love that diablo snack maker - we had one at a holiday house once which we called a jaffle iron - it brings back great memories

    1. Yes it's a wonderful shop. The diablo is good fun until your burn yourself lol! You only do it once mind.

  2. I am addicted to Antro. All those beautiful mini latte bowls that I use all the time!

    1. It is a gorgeous shop. I love it too. It would be easy to spend a fortune though.

  3. I will be spending Christmas this year with my friend's family which means I need to buy some for his parents, at least a small gift so I don't come empty handed. It will be easier to buy for his dad as he's into cooking as much as I'm, his Mum will probably be more difficult but I can see a couple of things on your list which she would definitely love (like Prosecco, because who doesn't love it?) and Moonlight Forest plates (I love all things Athropologie). Great gift guide, thank you for sharing!

    1. There's always certain people it is hard to buy for. I am struggling with my friend Andrew and my brother-in-law this year. Glad you have left inspired.

  4. So many fantastic products. I love the Millie Marotta bowls. I would love the Sage breadmaker as well!

    1. Yes they are both great. The bowls are so pretty and the breadmkaer is my third so far over the years and way better than any other I have tried.

  5. There are some gorgeous things on here Jac... I'm with you on the blender and the bread maker... two of my fave gadgets of 2016 for sure! I'm going to have to sweet-talk santa into dropping me some of that rhubarb vodka into my stocking....

  6. Such a wonderful selection of gifts Jac, I especially love the Anthropologie stuff you've selected - that shop is incredible!

    1. I know, I love it. So many beautiful things to choose from.

  7. A lovely collection of gift ideas, I'm particularly drawn to the toasted snack maker, never seen one of these before!

    1. It's good fun and creates really crispy little filled pockets. Much more fun than a toastie & kids love them.


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