Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (28 November 2016)

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm sure you are wondering where I was last week? Well don't hate me but I was in Provence visiting olive groves and watching olive oil being made with French co-operative Olivence. I know, lucky me.

Provence was beautiful and our hosts were fun to spend time with. I'm now completely won over by French olives. What a difference when olives are cared for and left to ripen naturally on the tree. I'll tell you about that another day.......

So I forgot I wasn't going to get back until really, really late Monday night, so MMM had to have a wee break.

Thanks for coming back, I think you'll be impressed by the recipes this week and hopefully you'll leave inspired. Do click on the links for the recipes and say hi to the bloggers who are kind enough to take part each week.


Jam and Clotted Cream


Katie Cakes


Green Gourmet Giraffe




Lisa's Kitchen


Tinned Tomatoes


Easy Peasy Foodie


Winter Melon Curry - Cook Style
Easy Kimchi Salad Bowl - Roast Chicken and a Country Walk
Sassy Sesame Tofu - The Taste Space

Thanks to everyone who created a recipe for us this week.


  1. Ooh you lucky lucky thing - and I was worried you might be unwell!!!! Thanks for featuring my dish. Look forward to hearing about your french jaunt

  2. Thanks for including my Honey Ale Mac n Cheese Jac

  3. Gorgeous roundup - I love love the sound of all of them but especially Beth's Mac n Cheese - YUM!! Thanks so much for including my pilaf :-) Eb x

  4. Thanks for sharing my noodle bowl! So jealous of your time in Provence, it sounds wonderful!

  5. The roundup looks really impressive, I love the soups and the chilli especially, can't get enough of great comfort foods at this time of year! I've shared the linky everywhere:)

  6. Hi! Thanks so much for hosting this fabulous round-up. We are very excited to be sharing our Veggie Ratatouille Pizza recipe!


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