A No-Clean Juicer. WHAT??

You know I work with Froothie because I love their power blenders so much right? Well they have just blown up the world of juicers. It will never be the same again!

A new juicer you don't need to clean! It just happened!

A juicer that doesn't have to be taken apart and cleaned. A juicer that can juice in 90 seconds and that's it, no cleaning. WOW!

I'm so excited. I make a lot of smoothies, but my blender is my bit of kit for this as it's so easy to clean. My froothie juicer is easier to clean than most, but is still needs to be taken apart, cleaned and put back together. This new one doesn't.

The JUlaVIE (known as the Juisir during development) is a cold press juicer that crushes your fruit and vegetables with 8 tonnes of force. You pop your fruit and veg into a bag (you have a choice of re-usable or disposable, both bags are made from 100% natural cotton and can be recycled), pop it in the machine and the power of 2 elephants crushes all the juice out. It will even crush a banana into a smooth puree.

It's amazing!


The JUlaVIE is available on pre-order now and will be available in October.  It's selling out fast, so get your orders in now, you'll never need another juicer.


Use the code 1405 free ambassador delivery in the comments box when ordering and your delivery charge will be credited back to your account.

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these!

Disclosure: I work with Froothie, but I am never expected to give a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. Wow this sounds like a dream come true indeed!!!

  2. wow this sounds awesome and hassle free!

  3. Wonderful Recipe. I will definitely try this new one. I’ve been enjoying your blog too. I am noticing that when I start my day with juices, I am full of energy.

  4. There are a scope of electric juicers, which are implied for standard squeezing of bigger amounts. juicer machines


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