Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (23 January 2017)

Happy Monday!

How are you?

I was back at work today after my leg injury. It was a long tiring day but I got through it and it was lovely to see lots of friendly faces at work and everyone was so thoughtful knowing it was my first day back.

Dinner tonight was at our regular pub to give me a night off, but I'm home now, the wee one's in bed and I'm utterly exhausted. Tired or not,  I couldn't go to bed without sharing some delicious new vegetarian recipes for everyone to try this week. It may be called Meat Free Mondays, but any day meat free is a good one for your health and the health of your bank balance.


Petit Pois Tofu Vegan Curry

Everyday Healthy Recipes


Asian Baked Tofu with Shaved Brussels Sprouts



Creamy Vegan Curry with Cypriot New Potatoes

Thinly Spread


Easy Broccoli and Spinach Soup

Tinned Tomatoes


Easy Broccoli Salad with Chickpeas and Quinoa

Eats Leeds


Tofu Mushroom Matar

Lets Eat Healthy Tonight


Black Bean Tomato Carrot Curry Bowls with Brown Basmati Rice

Tin and Thyme

photo: De Tout Limousin

Thanks to everyone who created a recipe for us this week.


  1. good to hear you are getting back to work and can prop yourself up at the pub afterwards :-) these meals look great - I have already had a go at the pea and tofu dish and have my eye on your soup

    1. Haha not so much prop up, just a meal and a juice, but it saved my sore legs.

  2. It's the Pea and Tofu Curry for me tonight. As a new vegan I have yet to try tofu ... as a vegetarian of several years standing I find this slightly embarrassing ;-)

    1. Really, well it is a faff, but tofoo have a range of pressed and flavoured tofu that saves a lot of work. It does need pressing if fresh and marinating before a dry fry to crispen up to get the best out of it. It soaks up flavours. Best when crisp and chewy.

  3. What a delicious week of meals! Hope you are feeling ok x

    1. Yes it is. I am ok, struggling a bit Went back to work Mon & Tues then had so spend my day off today in bed to rest my sore legs.

  4. Ooh, some lovely winter warmers here this week, splendid!

    1. Yes, you can see the difference in recipes this week.

  5. The Tofu Mushroom Matar looks interesting. I'm going to have a look at the recipe. I also want to try your soup, it must be delicious.

    1. It does, it's not something I have tried before and yes the soup is good.

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my tofu! I love your Meatless Mondays! I hope you continue to feel better.

  7. thanks so much for including my glazed tofu - a new favourite of ours. Lots of fab recipes too - I love the look of the black bean and carrot though :)


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