Meat Free Mondays - 7 Recipes for the Week Ahead (8 May 2017)

Happy Monday!

How are you?

Have you had a good week? Does it feel like the weeks go by quicker and quicker or is that just me?

My week went by in a flash. I was pretty tired after our weekend in London and then I was plunged straight back into the working week. At the weekend I caught up on housework, did a spot of baking and got out for a nice long dog walk on Sunday.

Here are the mutts in question, oh and the child. It was great to get some fresh air and to feel the sun on my face again.

Now it's Monday and I've had a long day at work. I'm struggling to stay awake to share this week's Meat Free Monday recipes with you, but I wouldn't let you down. I hope these recipes inspire you to eat vegetarian for some or all of this week.


Everyday Healthy Recipes


Easy Peasy Foodie


Tinned Tomatoes


Alison's Allspice


Proper Foodie


Tinned Tomatoes



Bonus Recipes

Veg Box Stew - Roast Chicken and a Country Walk
Cheesey Vegetable Pie - Tinned Tomatoes
Masala Grilled Aubergine - Greedy Gourmet

Thanks to everyone who created a recipe for us this week.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my soup! I am quite organised today and have a new recipe ready to add to this week's linky. Hope you like it. I am going to have a closer look at your beetroot salad now. Looks amazing! Have a good week:)

  2. Your walk with the pups and Cooper looks like a perfect way to de-stress. :)

    Thanks so much for featuring my tacos! Your beet and lentil salad looks delicious!

    1. Definitely a good way to de-stress. Nothing beats some fresh air to blow the cobwebs away.

  3. Lots of great looking recipes this week! Love the photos of your lovely trio too :)

  4. Lovely collection and thanks for featuring my soup!! Love the sound of the lentil salad and that quinoa salad looks so summery and delicious ��

  5. Lovely stuff! We would love to collaborate with you :)


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