Meat Free Mondays August 2017

Happy Monday!

How are you? How has your week been?

I've had a super busy week, yes I know, what's new?  Not much to share though.

I usually start the post with a photo of food, but I thought I'd share a photo of my kitchen instead to show you just how small it is. See the sink there. The draining board takes you right to the kitchen door, that leads into my conservatory which we use as a dining room, overlooking the garden.

Yes, it's that small. Now imagine it a bit more packed with gadgets.  I don't that microwave any more. My bread maker is now in place of the microwave and beside that is my toaster, kettle and blender, with a waffle maker squashed behind them. On the middle unit I now have a few big jars of spices and lentils. It's pretty packed. 

Oh yes and my cooker top is covered with my cast iron pots, that I leave on top instead of lugging them in and out of the cupboard. Yes this is a false representation of how my kitchen actually looks, but it gives you an idea of how small it is.

Is your kitchen teeny like mine or huge? Go on, make me jealous!

Anyway less of my kitchen and onto the recipes. There weren't as many recipes this week. I guess people are on holiday and enjoying the good weather instead of cooking and blogging, so I'm going to share a few recipes from my archives too. I hope you enjoy them.


Alison's Allspice


Simple Gluten Free Kitchen


Green Gourmet Giraffe


Katie Cakes


Tinned Tomatoes


Tinned Tomatoes


Tinned Tomatoes

Thanks to everyone who created a recipe for us this week.


  1. I am jealous of those on holidays but we are working our way through winter and looking forward to a holiday in spring. Am surprised you didn't share your hummus pizza which looked really good. Love your kitchen - they always look so lovely and spacious when cleaned out of all the stuff - mine does but it is rarely seen that way and I am a little cross at my kitchen because I am off to buy a new pair of jeans after ripping mine on cupboard handles - twice! Don't know how I managed this after living with the kitchen 10 years and never doing this sort of thing before.

    1. Mine is rarely cleared out either. It looks nothing like this at the moment with lots of gadgets, jars of lentils and the like taking up a lot of space. I like to look at this photo from time to time lol!

  2. The new kitchen:

    Do come visit!

    1. Now you are just showing off with your big kitchen and that huge fridge, although I notice your kitchen is as full of gadgets and stuff as my little one is. I don't think many kitchens are big enough for a cook.

      ps would love to visit, but can't see it happening soon

  3. I feel your pain. My kitchen is even smaller than yours. The kitchen where I'm moving to is pretty small too, but it has the saving grace of a utility room where the washing machine and freezer are so I can keep most of my gadgets in there. Mind you, your kitchen looks really good and well organised. I love the lights under the cabinets.

    1. Mine was even smaller to begin with. See that island unit, that used to be a set of folding doors. I only had that bit of work space between the sink and cooker originally.


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