Very Veggie Easter at M&S

It's nearly Easter and time to buy some Easter goodies.

This year Marks and Spencer have a great range of veggie treats for Easter from adult and kids Easter eggs to Easter gifts for the little ones, eggs to set up your own Easter egg hunt and of course hot cross buns.

They are all vegetarian and two of the Easter eggs are dairy free, so they are suitable for vegans.

Lets get on and see what's new at M&S this Easter.

Easter Eggs for Adults

There's a great range of Easter eggs for adults at M&S this year. They always come up with stunning new designs each year. Here's a selection of my favourite eggs from this year's collection.

They come in a range of sizes and prices.

1. Made without Dairy Dark Chocolate Egg - 160g - £7 (blue)
2. Made without Dairy Milk Chocolate Egg - 160g - £7 (red)
3. Swiss Milk Chocolate Egg decorated with Nibbled Hazelnuts (with Swizz praline mini eggs) - 288g - £8
4. Hand Painted Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg (with mini champagne truffles) - £15

5. Dippy Egg - Milk Chocolate Hollow Egg with a Caramel Filled Yolk - 280g - £10
6. Handmade Hollow Soft Nougat Egg (with almond, hazelnut & pistachio) - 135g £5
7. Easter Watering Can filled with hollow milk chocolate eggs and sunflower seeds to grow in your garden or window box - 200g - £10
8. Single Origin Chocolate Egg (with dark chocolate ganache and gold leaf) - 35g - £2.50

Easter Treats for Kids

Children will love these chocolate Easter characters.

9. Trolls Poppy (white chocolate hollow figure with raspberry and strawberry) - 210g - £7
10. Spiketail Egg Cup (ceramic dinosaur egg cup with hollow egg) - 205g - £6
11. Thomas the Tank Engine (hand finished milk chocolate hollow figure with white chocolate decorations) - 210g £7

Easter Gifts

There's also a varied selection of Easter Gifts too, including these few.

12. Queen Layalot (hollow milk chocolate chick with pot of mini speckled eggs) - £4
13. King Layalot (hollow milk chocolate chick with pot of mini speckled eggs) - £4
14. Chic Hugs Tin (with chocolate mini eggs) - 180g - £5
15. Chicky Choccy Speckled Eggs (milk chocolate eggs with a speckled candy shell) - 100g - £1

Easter Veggie Jellies

Marks and Spencer always have a great range of vegetarian jelly sweets which started with Veggie Percy and has extended until their is now a huge selection. They also bring out some new jellies for Easter, Halloween and Christmas. These little bunnies are addictively tasty!

16. Easter Jellies (fruit flavoured jelly bunnies) - 100g - £1.50
17. Easter Jellies (fruit flavoured jelly bunnies) - 100g - £1.50

Easter Egg Hunt

M&S have a selection of eggs that can be used for an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. So why not hide some eggs in your garden or a local park and let the kids have a good run about and burn off some of their endless energy looking for eggs while you relax?

18. Easter Hunt Treats (in crate with chalkboard label and chalk) - 510g - £10


For years I liked the sounds of hot cross buns, but I didn't really like them, then a couple of years ago I tried them cold, spread with butter and realised I loved them. 

Serve them toasted or cold, there's a big range of hot cross bun flavours to choose from this Easter at M&S. They are £1.70 for a pack, but they have a special offer running where you can buy most of the hot cross buns for £2.50 for two packs. That's a big saving of 90p.

19. Cranberry and Orange Hot Cross Buns x 4 - 255g - £1.70
20. Luxury Hot Cross Buns x 4 - 310g - £1.70
21. Salted Caramel and Chocolate Hot Cross Buns x 4 - £1.70

22. Blueberry Hot Cross Buns x 4 - 260g - £1.70
23. Kentish Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns x 4 - 255g -£1.70
24. Sweet Orange Marmalade Hot Cross Buns x 4 - 272g - £1.70

25. Mini Double Chocolate Hot Cross Buns x 9 - 270g - £1.70
26. Breakfast Hot Cross Mini Loaves x 4 - 250g - £1.70
27. Mini Luxury Hot Cross Buns x 9 - 250g - £1.70


If you fancy doing a spot of baking over the Easter weekend why not try my Treacle Gingerbread (vegetarian) or my Dark Treacle Banana Gingerbread (vegan)?

I hope that has given you some ideas for Easter. Do have a great Easter weekend with your family and friends, or just take some time to relax.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for M&S. I was not required to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Happy easter - would love to be able to look through M&S easter goodies in the store but as it is too far to go, I really love being able to look at these. Can't believe all the flavours of hot cross buns.

    I also see that you have a book coming out - must be a busy time for you.

    1. Happy Easter Johanna. Yes, lots of choice at M&S. I bet you miss it. The book is out in April, which I am looking forward too. It was a joint project with children's author Clive Gifford.

  2. These Easter goodies look so mouth watering. I can’t begin to choose which is my fave. I want them all.

    1. I know, it so hard to choose, with such a lot of yummy choices.

  3. These look like some seriously fun treats for Easter. Everyone would love getting some of these in their Easter basket!

    1. Oh yes, they will go down very well this Easter.

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family. We love stuff from M&S and more often I shop there. Love their Easter eggs and hot cross buns range, there is plenty of to choose from.

    1. Happy Easter when it comes Jagruti and yes I agree. Lots to choose from.

  5. I don't even know where to start, those chocolate eggs look absolutely stunning! And all those hot cross flavors! I need to make a trip to my local M&S ASAP

    1. I know, don't they just and the hot cross buns are lush!


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