45 Tips for Camping with Kids

45 beginners tips for camping with kids including what to pack, site tips, keeping kids safe and keeping them entertained.

Camping with Kids

We really enjoy holidays in the UK, especially holidays in Scotland. You're never far from hills, mountains, lochs, castles, parks or beaches. It's simply the best place to visit for spectacular views and spending time outdoors.

We usually have a couple of cottage breaks in Scotland, where we do a lot of exploring and lots of walking.

This year Cooper is talking about camping and as I've not been camping for years, it was time for me to do some planning before we venture out into the great outdoors.

I'd done my research and I'm sharing my top tips with you so you'll have the benefit of them when you take your kids camping.


Packing Tips

  1. Pack for all weather conditions and pack plenty of layers that can be added or removed.
  2. Pack waterproof clothes, including trousers.
  3. Good waterproof walking boots and wellies are a must-have item.
  4. You will also need flip-flops for the shower block.
  5. If you have little ones, think about where you will be walking and how much walking they will manage. Would a carrier be better than a buggy?
  6. Pack torches and a lantern.
  7. Make sure you have spare batteries. 
  8. Pack toilet roll.
  9. Take baby wipes, they are great for spills and sticky hands.
  10. Pack a pen knife and fold up mini tool kit.

Tent tips

  1. When choosing a tent, choose one bigger than the number of people going for comfort.
  2. A porch extension is good for keeping the rain out and for cooking under when it's raining
  3. Take spare tent pegs, some always get bent. It's the law of camping. 
  4. Oh and a mallet for knocking the pegs into the ground.
  5. Take duct tape, it is surprising how handy it is for emergency repairs.
  6. Take string, for repairs and also to make a washing line (remember some pegs too).
  7. It your site provides electricity for the tents, remember to take an electrical hook up.
  8. Take bin bags for rubbish.

Site tips

  1. When you arrive, check out the site to see what's available and where the fresh water is as well as the toilet and shower block.
  2. When you get to the campsite, have a good look round and check how safe it is for children. Give them boundaries of where they can and cannot go.
  3. Get to the site early so you have plenty of daylight to set up and look around.
  4. Take folding chairs for comfort when sitting outside your tent.

Kid tips

  1. Take sandwiches or snack to eat when you arrive. They will be hungry before you're all set up.
  2. Let them help with the set up and make sure they feel useful.
  3. Take a football, Frisbee and soft ball set for the children to play with on site.

Keeping them safe tips

  1. Make sure children have identity bands.
  2. Lay ground rules about when it's OK to leave the tent and when you must ask permission.
  3. Add bells to your zips so you will hear them being opened.
  4. Also zip up the way if you can so zips are out of reach.
  5. Take head torches for walking to the toilet block at night.
  6. Sometimes they won't make it to the toilet if you aren't near the block, so make sure you have a camping toilet with you.

Health tips

  1. Make sure you have all the medicine you need with you as well as spares.
  2. Take liquid paracetamol; bug spray; antihistamine tablets and cream for allergies, stings and bites as well as your standard first aid kit.
  3. Remember sun cream. 
  4. Take anti-bacterial hand gel.

Sleeping tips

  1. Make sure everyone has a sleeping mat to lay their sleeping bag on, this gives comfort and insulation from the ground.
  2. Use adult sleeping bags with cotton for children, they will be warmer than children's sleeping bags.
  3. Remember pillows.
  4. Take thermal blankets as well, just in case.

Keeping them entertained tips

  1. Leave tablets and other gadgets at home.
  2. Take books, easy to pack games, a pack of cards, pens and paper and puzzle books. 
  3. A solar powered or wind up radio a good addition to a camping trip too.
  4. Explore!
  5. Plan trips before you go. Where there are good walks and beaches.
  6. Take in some history. Visit castles, historic sites and museums.

With all that to think about, the most important thing to remember (apart from being organised) is to have fun!

You may be thinking I've not mentioned food and cooking. I don't want to keep you here all day and that is a whole other post believe me!

Take time to read about my friend Elizabeth's camping trip with kids in Shetland or iff you're still not sure about camping, check out Sarah's post Motorhomes - Camping for people who hate camping.

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  1. Great line up of tips! I especially like 'bring a toilet roll' - so important and so often forgotten !

  2. I didn't know Halford provided advice like this, very handy, along with the tips arising from your own experiences. Some great reminders of things that are easy to overlook!

    1. It is rather handy, everything you need and guides to camping. And yes it pays to be organised.

  3. Great guide. No doubt when we have little people we will go camping. Ive not been in years but remember it being a case of packing for 2 holidays - one that will be sunny and one that will be wet. Then pack some more and youve PROBABLY got the right amount of stuff with you lol

    1. You are so right, that is what everyone says. You really have to be prepared and there is no packing light with kids.

  4. What great advice my best friend has started camping and I want to join her but as a novice i didn't know where to start


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