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It's time for the promised trifle. The one I made from vegan vanilla cake.

As you will see, it has the jelly, the fruit, the custard and the sprinkles, but no cream. I had a bit of problem with the cream. I couldn't get any vegan cream anywhere on a Sunday, so I had a look on line and what I found got me really excited.  

You can make whipped cream from coconut milk! 

I know, that's brilliant isn't it?

So how do you do it?

Well you pop a tin of coconut milk (has to be the full-fat variety) in the fridge overnight. The next day pop a bowl in the freezer for a few minutes, you will be whipping it in this, then turn the can upside down and open in. Pour off the coconut milk on top and you are left with really thick coconut. Whip it up into peaks. You can see a full photo rundown of this on Oh She Glows.

So did I leave a tin in the fridge overnight? Heck no! I wanted to make it right away, so I popped it into the freezer. Did it work? NO! *sigh*

So trifle without cream it is, but I don't think Graham was disappointed. He did have sprinkles after all and what man would be disappointed with a dessert covered in sprinkles?

I made the trifle with my vegan vanilla cake, tinned apricots, a little of the juice. strawberry jelly, Just Wholefoods Real Strawberry Jelly Crystals, Alpro Vanilla Soya Custard and sprinkles.

If you would prefer to make a vegetarian trifle, check out my Mum's Trifle.

Also try - Traditional Scottish Strawberry Trifle

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Apricot Trifle with Sprinkles
A comforting dessert that is completely suitable for vegans and so good that no one else would notice that it has been adapted.
  • 4-6 slices vegan vanilla cake
  • 300g tinned apricots in juice
  • 4 tbsp juice from the apricots
  • 85g vegetarian jelly
  • 525ml alpro soya (dairy free) custard
  • lots of sprinkles
1. Pack the slices of cake in the bottom of a large glass bowl.2. Top with apricots and spoon over a few spoonfuls of the juice. 3. Make up the jelly. Add the granules to a jug and top up to the 1 pint level, Stir until the granules have dissolved, then pour over the cake.4. Put the trifle in the fridge until the jelly has set.5. Spoon the custard over the jelly and smooth out. 6. Add whipped dairy free cream or coconut milk ad the top layer (optional), then cover with sprinkles and return to the fridge until you are ready to serve.7. Enjoy!
Total time:
Yield: Makes 1 trifle
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