Our family tradition is to bake a gooey chocolate back to school chocolate cake on the first day of school as a treat, to make the day special. We hope you enjoy this easy recipe.

Close up of Gooey Chocolate Cake topped with chocolate ganache & smarties

A delicious vegan sandwich. Sweet crunchy apple with lightly spiced falafel with apple, salad and a tangy sauce.    FALAFEL AND APPLE SA...
A fruity Pimms style cocktail, with lots of citrus, ice and lemonade. Serve outside and enjoy the summer.
Chip Shop Battered Tofu. Not all chip shops sell it, so make your own. Bite through the crunchy spiced batter to creamy tofu. Mmmm!
A refreshing cocktail made with light and crisp beer, honey and basil.
A lush purple cocktail made with blackberries.
A selection of refreshing drinks to enjoy during the summer. All of the drinks reviewed are non-alcoholic.
A grilled potato salad with grilled vegetables and fresh salad, dressed with dairy-free pesto dressing.
A homemade white pizza with hummus in instead of tomato sauce, roast vegetables, herbs and spices.
The best tomato and basil pasta sauce is a simple but fresh sauce made with tinned tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil. Full of flavour but low...