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7 Refreshing Soft and Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer

A selection of refreshing drinks to enjoy during the summer. All of the drinks reviewed are non-alcoholic.

7 Refreshing Soft and Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Summer


I share lots of recipes with you, but they're mostly recipes for meals. 

While summer lasts I thought it would be good to share a series of posts on summer drinks.

Now I've probably mentioned I like a glass of wine with dinner, but I also love refreshing summer drinks. 

I mean who doesn't love a glass or two of Pimms?

But what if you are the designated driver at a summer BBQ or party, pregnant or just trying to cut back on alcoholic drinks? 

Often all you can expect is to be offered some fizzy juice or a glass of water.

We can do better than that! I have seven refreshing and delicious summer drinks that you can enjoy and not feel like you are missing out.

Belvoir Non-Alcoholic Wine


Belvoir have a new range of non-alcoholic wine, that you should try. I tried a few non-alcoholic wines on special occasions when I was pregnant and I have to say these are my favourites, especially the Rosé and the Chardonnay. The Shiraz just isn't deep enough for my taste, although it is still rather tasty.

Belvoir Rosé without the Hangover

This non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé contains a carefully balanced blend of rosé, red and white grape juices with raspberry juice and a touch of orange blossom and jasmine extracts.   Serve chilled.

Belvoir Chardonnay without the Hangover

This non-alcoholic  wine is a blend of Chardonnay and white grape juices with peach juice and elderflower & jasmine extracts. A sweet yet crisp flavour.

Belvoir Shiraz without the Hangover

Belvoir’s non-alcoholic Shiraz is a red grape juice with elderberry and blackcurrant juices, and a hint of black peppercorn and vanilla extracts.   Serve with pasta and heavier dishes like stews and soups.

The full range is available from Ocado or via The Rosé and Shiraz are on sale at Tesco. £2.99 per bottle



An old classic with a cheeky wee makeover for summer. 

Orangina have brought these limited edition bottles out in time for summer. 

Serve chilled over ice or topped up with soda water and a slice of orange for a really refreshing drink.

The 420ml bottles of Orangina are available for £1.19 (RSP) at all major retailers and independent outlets through the summer.

Nespresso on Ice


We are all familiar with Nespresso coffee machines with their convenient little pods of coffee and many of us have them in our kitchens. 

I bought my mum one a couple of years ago and she loves it. 

This summer Nespresso have brought out a limited edition range of pods for delicious iced coffee.

Nespresso on Ice

Leggero on IceA smooth, refreshing coffee with prolonged fruity aromatics and some nutty notes.

Intenso on IceA rich, refreshing coffee with lingering roasted aromatics and some woody, cocoa notes.

Nespresso on Ice - 39p per pod

Luscombe Cool Ginger Beer


I love ginger beer. I don't care if it's the soft drink or the alcoholic variety. 

Well, of course, the alcoholic variety is rather nice on a Saturday night in the pub with friends, but I love both.

This one is non-alcoholic and very refreshing served over ice. 

Why is it called cold ginger beer? 

It's softer in it's spicing and doesn't have the burn of a hot ginger beer with it's real kick. 

I do like that burn, but this is definitely a long cool drink you can enjoy.

Luscombe Cool Ginger Beer is available from a variety of online shops including Goodness Direct, Amazon, Abel & Cole and Riverford for £1.54 per bottle.

Crisp Cranberry & Raspberry Shloer


You will often find a bottle of Shloer in our fridge. 

We always stock up on it on special occasion for anyone driving or who just don't want to drink, as it's a nice light replacement for wine and I take a notion from it from time to time too. 

I do like it when they bring out new seasonal flavours and this one is one of my favourites so far.

Shloer Crisp Cranberry and Raspberry Shloer is available now in your local supermarket for £2.20 per bottle.

Shloer White Bubbly


Another great addition to the Shloer family and good for a special occasion. 

An extra fruity celebration drink with no alcohol, but that satisfying pop when you remove the cork.

Very fizzy!

Shloer White Bubbly is also available at your local supermarket from £3. Asda are doing a double pack, one bottle of white and one bottle of pink fizz for £5.

Follow Shloer on Facebook  and Twitter.

St Peter's Without Alcohol Free Beer


Brewed in exactly the same way as a normal pint of ale, just without the alcohol, St Peter's Without® is a really refreshing choice for the summer and perfect for teetotal beer fans who still want to enjoy a chilled pint. 

It's a malty beer, but has 25% less calories than standard beer, so great if you are watching your weight as well as your alcohol consumption.

St. Peter's Without Alcohol is available in 500ml bottles from your local supermarket from £1.30.

I hope my guide gives you some inspiration for weekends or get-togethers this summer. If you have any recommendations, do leave a comment.

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Disclosure: Some of these drinks were sent to me to try and some I already buy fairly regularly. I was not expected to write a positive review and any opinions expressed are my own.


  1. So many great non alcoholic drinks. Always useful if you're driving or just don't fancy a drink! I love the look of the Luscombe one.

    1. Yes definitely and the ginger beer is really good. I am a sucker for all things ginger!

  2. Orangina always makes me nostalgic! The taste of childhood summer holidays :-)

  3. Oh I love orangina. I haven't had it in forever though, so thanks for the reminder.

  4. So many good ideas here - I was always on the lookout for non-alcoholic alternatives on a night out whilst pregnant - have tried a few of these but not all. That ginger beer looks really good!

    1. It's handy to have a good selection of non-alcoholic drinks on your list for times when you can't or don't want to drink and yes the ginger beer is good.

  5. These are a great alternative to alcoholic drinks,thanks for sharing

  6. Great list! I have a mix of friends--some drink, some don't--and it's so nice to have some new ideas for summer bevs to serve. :)

    1. Oh good, I hope the list was inspiring and your friends can enjoy some of these.

  7. Nice! Never heard of these options and love wine but because of certain health goals I haven't had any in a while. I am really interested in trying the Shloer White Bubbly.

    1. Oh well maybe you could try the alcohol-free wines from Belvoir and they would be a good substitute for you when you want a treat. The shloer is always good.

  8. I have a few favourites here. I love Shloer and Belvoir. It's always nice to have different alternatives to alcohol

  9. Luscombe is a recent discovery for me and I can second the Ginger Beer recommendation! The Belvoirs look interesting too

    1. I seemed to have picked all the right options for you :)

  10. I am often the one driving and have to drink the tea or coke so I am happy to have some new suggestions. Pam

    1. I am glad you have left inspired Pam, there's a lot of tasty choice here.

  11. I don't drink much alcohol so I love all these non alcoholic drinks. When we were in Scotland last year I pretty much fell in love with Schloer and wish it was available here too. I am also very partial to ginger ale. Those orangina bottles are really cute and I have had some belvoir wines too. So I think this round up pretty much pushes all my buttons. And it makes me happy to see some interesting non alcoholic drinks.

    1. My mum is loving the non-alcoholic wines and we always have shloer when friends and family are over so if anyone doesn't want to drink or is driving they have something nice to drink.


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