Happy Monday everyone!

I'm sure you are wondering where I was last week? Well don't hate me but I was in Provence visiting olive groves and watching olive oil being made with French co-operative Olivence. I know, lucky me.

Provence was beautiful and our hosts were fun to spend time with. I'm now completely won over by French olives. What a difference when olives are cared for and left to ripen naturally on the tree. I'll tell you about that another day.......

So I forgot I wasn't going to get back until really, really late Monday night, so MMM had to have a wee break.

Thanks for coming back, I think you'll be impressed by the recipes this week and hopefully you'll leave inspired. Do click on the links for the recipes and say hi to the bloggers who are kind enough to take part each week.

A creamy rice pudding made with dairy or nut milk, topped with slices of soft banana in a hot toffee sauce.
Happy Monday everyone! I'm so happy to be back. My knee is slowly improving and I'm back in the kitchen again. I'm mainly...
A luxuriously thick and spicy carrot, lentil and kale soup. Keep the leftovers in the fridge or freeze them for another day.