I have long known that most of my wage flows straight out of my purse into Tesco's coffers.

It's time to get a grip on the spending and what better way to do that than make a meal plan for the week.

I am linking this up with At Home with Mrs M, who hosts this event.

I also thought if I made a meal plan, I could include a new dish each week from a cookbook. One of the ones in the teetering mountain of review copies that are currently residing in our bedroom. Hey, what do you mean you don't keep cookbooks in your bedroom? Cookbooks make great bedtime reading!

I've decided just to plan Monday to Friday for the moment. This gives me scope to get creative at the weekend and go with my mood.

Monday: I have a butternut squash that needs to be used, as it's been hanging about my kitchen for a while now. I'm on a fast day (5:2 diet) tomorrow,  so I'm going to make Squash and Spinach Soup today in preparation.

Tuesday: Baked potato topped with either cottage cheese or cheddar and served with salad. Graham will probably have hummus on his potato as his vegan option. I'll make a balsamic dressing to drizzle on the leaves.

Wednesday: We haven't had a tofu stir fry for ages and I've been craving one. I will use my own recipe for Sweet and Sour Sauce and I'll add lots of veggies to the dish too. We'll have our stir-fry with brown rice.

Thursday: Cooper has Little Dragons, his baby martial arts class tonight, so it has to be a quick meal when we get home. This is a pasta dish I found in my review copy of Titbits at Home, a new vegetarian cookbook. It sounds quite interesting. I'll let you know how I get on with it.

Friday: I work late on Friday, so I will be taking a tub of homemade chilli out of the freezer to defrost, then it's all quick to throw together. A tortilla wrap spread with a little sour cream, topped with salad leaves, then chilli and finished with a grating of cheddar before it's wrapped up. It another fast day for me, so I'll probably skip the sour cream and cheddar this time.

Do you plan your weekly meals?

What are you having this week?

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