Perfect Vegan BBQ- Tips and Recipes

Having a vegan BBQ, attending someone else's BBQ as a vegan or having vegan friends at your BBQ? Then this is the article for you. Practical BBQ tips and easy but delicious recipes.

Corn grilling on a BBQ, both foil covered and naked corn cobs.

Red Apple & Treacle Fruit Cake

A rich fruit cake full of apples, raisins, citrus, treacle and spices. No dairy and no eggs, just lots of flavour.

Sliced Red Apple & Treacle Fruit Cake on a Wooden Board

Bolognese Potato Bake

A simple potato bake to use up leftover bolognese.

Bolognese Potato Bake with stretchy mozzarella topping pulled by a fork 

Pinkster Raspberry Gin Giveaway

A pink gin giveaway to celebrate World Gin Day.

Black Bean, Beet & Brazil Nut Burgers

An easy bean burger made with black beans, beetroot and brazil nuts with spices.

Black Bean, Beet & Brazil Nut Burger on a bun with mustard, salad leaves and sliced tomato

BBQ Tex-Mex Coleslaw

A simple recipe for a BBQ coleslaw with a Mexican twist. Forget bland slaws, this is the one you need.

20 Best Vegan Lunch Wrap Recipes

Filled tortilla wraps make a great change from sandwiches at lunchtime in a lunchbox. There are so many fillings you can add. Here are 20 of the best vegan lunch wraps on the web.

Cowboy Beans with Herby Crushed New Potatoes

A simple dish of cowboy beans topped with crushed new potatoes, tossed in herbs and baked until golden.

Cowboy Beans with Herby Crushed New Potatoes in a blue baking dish

25 Easy Vegetarian Recipes for Beginners

It's National Vegetarian Week and a great time to try some easy meat-free dishes. Below are 25 easy breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes to get you started.

Light Rye Bloomer Bread

An easy recipe for a classic bloomers loaf in cob style.

Light Rye Bloomer Cob Bread

Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup with Spinach

A simple root vegetable and spinach soup with sweetness from carrot and sweet potato and a warmth from spices.

Carrot & Sweet Potato Soup with Spinach

Sheet Pan Aubergine (Eggplant) & Chickpea Bake

An easy aubergine, chickpea and spinach bake for a simple family dinner.

Watermelon and Strawberry Iced Smoothie

A blended smoothie with the summery flavours of watermelon and strawberry.

Overhead view of Watermelon and Strawberry Iced Smoothie in glass

Summer Salad & Baby Beet Lunch Wrap

A colourful, fresh salad wrap with baby beets and pesto.

Close up of Summer Salad & Baby Beet Wrap

Easy Paprika Kale Chips

A simple recipe for kale chips flavoured with paprika.

Crispy Kale Chips in white bowl

20 Easy Vegan No-Bake Recipes

A selection of the best no-bake vegan recipes from bars and slices to fudge and cheesecake. 

4 no-bake cheesecakes

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