Spiced Tofu and Mushroom Tacos (5:2 diet)

Homemade soft, warm tacos filled with a roasted pepper tapenade, salad leaves, roast spiced tofu, roast red onions and roast mushrooms. A delicious vegetarian or vegan dinner that your family will love. Includes photos and a printable recipe.

Tacos aren't really something I tend to make and when I've made them in the past I've used the pre-curled crispy tacos, which is a whole other experience to the ones I made today. I am not converted to warm, soft tacos, which are just a little charred.

I actually saw a recipe for meat tacos in a cookbook I was browsing through. I can't remember what the cookbook was. I was browsing through a few at the library. Anyway it was the soft taco shells that caught my attention, so I had a read of how they tackled them and when I saw M&S had in their new chilled sesame, chilli and coriander tofu I knew just what I wanted to make with it.


Veggie Haggis and Onion Chutney Toasties

These veggie haggis and onion chutney toasties are my second recipe for Burns Night this year. They aren't part of a traditional Burns Supper, but would make a really satisfying lunch or a more casual dinner with some salad and crisps on the side.

There's just something so comforting about a toastie. I don't know why that is, but I would never say no to one.

This toastie is a layered masterpiece. It starts with a thick layer or cream cheese on thick wholemeal bread, next comes a layer or spinach leaves. On top of that there is a generous layer of warm spicy vegetarian haggis and it's finished off with the other slice of bread slathered thickly with sweet onion chutney and grilled until crisp, with those lovely charred grill lines. Mmmmmmm!


Instant Vegan Haggis, Neeps & Tatties Burgers for Burns Night

Instant vegan haggis, neeps and tatties burgers

That's Graham clutching his vegan haggis, neeps and tatties burger. 

I'd taken some shots of it on the table, but once I said I was finished taking photos (this is the plight of a food blogger's husband) he picked it up to walk off with it and I asked if I could take a shot while he held it. He told me not to be so daft, but I rather like it. I'm quite behind the trend of taking photos of food being held, but I do like the photo.

Husband approved instant veggie burger. Made in a flash, with added spices and a Scottish twist. Suitable for vegans

The burger is accidentally vegan and totally instant.


Roast Vegetable, Olive and Beetroot Salad

Close up of A substantial winter salad filled with roast vegetables on a bed of salad leaves, with sundried tomatoes, pickled beetroot, olives and a pesto balsamic dressing. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

A salad in winter? Hell yeah!

I admit I eat more soup in the winter and more salad in the summer, I'm sure everyone is the same. I'm eating lots of tasty homemade soup just now, but today I'm working from home, it's cold and dreich outside, but it's cosy inside and I was craving salad so I was kind to myself and made this roast vegetable, olive and beetroot salad. It was yum!

As much as I like a salad in the winter I do think it should be either a warm salad or one that's a bit more substantial like this one. What do you think?


Most Popular Vegan Recipes 2017

A roundup of the most popular vegan recipes in 2017 including lunch, dinner and dessert.

As one year closes and another begins I like to look back on the last year. I like to think about what was successful on my blog, what wasn't so popular, what my readers really want and what I can improve.

I've had a look back over the year to see which of the recipes I created in 2017 were the most viewed and would like to share them with you. From lunch and dinner to sweet treats for dessert. I hope you enjoy them as much as my family and readers have and that you'll try a few.
A roundup of the most popular vegan recipes in 2017 including lunch, dinner and dessert.

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